Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sing me a Memory

Ok I did not plagiarize, only borrowed a nice sounding title from Vigs and inspired by Megha 'bout Hindi movies but believe me all the others are my very own -'mother promise'!

So u hear 'aaja re aajare mere dil bhar ...noorie....' and you start picturising the then sweet looking Poonam Dhillon in her Kashmiri attire ,But no for me this song holds a different picture - the year was 1985 and me in my blue pinafore attempting to sing (yaa trying desperately and failing miserably) in the school gathering (or was it a party?) and Amrit Panda (who incidentally also happens to be my first crush) ragged me to death about it which explains the reason why I never again attempted to sing in public again. Needless to say have seen/heard of Amrit Panda after 1986.

rangeela re mere rang mein....
bahaaron mere jeevan mein samaraon...

These songs playing incessantly by dear mummy on our old Philips tape recorder.

kis...kisko pyaar karun??kaise pyaar karun
First of all lemme curse a little – yes my Engg college belonged to the medieval times –girls shouldn’t wear skirts and jeans to college and what not! So all our minis were strictly restricted to our hostel premises.
This song brings the memory of D (moi bum-chum pal) and me sporting minis perched on top of the balcony walls of our first floor hostel rooms karakoing to this numbah and in walks the one and only male allowed inside the Ladies Hostel (the supervisor) – he was so embarrassed he quickened his pace to the exit with his head bent down like an ostrich.

yeh raat mein jo mazaa hai....juum juum juum baba.......
Jaya practicing this for our annual fest n getting cold feet, sweating, and stage fear n how we had to become cheer girls for her. Of course this very song became her claim to fame (the boys crooned it whenever she walked the corridors) last heard that shez in the Middle East, happy housewife n mother of 2 kids.

mehbooba ..mehbooba .. Gulshan mein gul khilte hain
Jab sehra mein milte hain

Yes someone did have the nerve (because I was considered Miss. Touch Me Not) to dedicate this song to me in my college juke-box, which we generally called the junk box (the grapevine said that he nursed a teeny-weeny crush on me) oh the song, those looks and then the teasing….

You are so vain....I bet you know this song is bout me… (Carl Simon)
my sister playing this song at an unearthly hour of 5.30am (I din know she had this bad fight with her guy –my Jiju now)
and trying hard to concentrate on Gross Anatomy (all those MBBS aspirants pardon me in case of typos)

kaadhal in deepam ondru etrinaale en nengil (roughly translates as "She lit the lamp of love in my heart")
Sitting beside each other on the terrace, he looking into my eyes and singing this song for me -pausing in between stanzas to translate the lyrics ...and I had thought that this song was perhaps written for me :) Only recently did I watch this song n was surprised to see it featuring Rajnikant.

jeevan se bhari teri aankhen
it was the time when my then roommate n good friend Bindu was going around with Vikas.It was Holi n we had lotza fun dipped in colors and then by evening had that bath where we try to scrub ourselves with all kindza solutions and still fail to remove the patchy colors from our faces.
then vikas sat on that small false-looking-french window of our flat and sang this song so beautifully for Bindu that for a moment we forgot to notice that he was singing so earnestly with a green colored face(and no he wasnt jealous)
of course today, Vikas and Bindu are married to different people and spite each other.

dil to hai dil, dil ka etbaar kya kige
Rohini ,my other roommate,singing this song so beautifully and Vigi wistfully looking at her. They make a wonderful and happy couple today.

I dunno what it is ‘bout songs that it retains the flavor and sometimes even the smell of the moment when we last heard them.


#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

amazin post.....plenty of songs around that reminds me of stuff...and this is a possible plagarible idea of a post, can i, can i, can i? and finished potter book? what did u think of it?

Vignesh said...

Most obliged to be borrowed from for something this nice ! Now, if only I knew half the songs you were talking about here !! :)

vicky said...

so finally we succeed in coaxing u to post more than once a week. good.

and really cool thoughts linked with the songs.
and just for some G.k., i did college from 98-04 and jeans n tees were not allowed even for boys in my college.
and girls didnt wear minis even behind closed doors. lol.

btw....u a doc ?

Rohan Kumar said...

U do seem to have a real treasure trove associated with all those songs. Dunno why but actually had me wishing that some of the people mentioned in the post somehow see this blog and i get to see their comments :)

Jinguchakka said...

nice post. I might plagiarise the topic. Hope you don't mind. Ms.Touch-Me-Not?? lol. Interesting,ofcourse no can logically explain crush. That's the way it is.

Swathi said...

nope havent yet finished HBP (I know i'm sad that way)

oh never mind the song, itz the events i remember :)

yaa u did succeed a wee bit in coaxing.nope i'm not a doc (shudder at the thot) but my sis is one.

except for D(n not counting my sis) i dun even know the where 'bouts of other ppl mentioned but then they wud alwayz b remebered whenever i listen to these numbahs.

please take the liberty n go ahead - wud luv to check it out

vicky said...

lets have a tagboard here.

Sagnik Nandy said...

agree agree with sayantani - i used to love most of these songs at some point or the other - be it the nasal rendition of jhum jhum or the haunting aaaja re - great list

Adarsh A. Varghese said...

Great post! Wonderful Blog.

By the way, alahad at Blanding is good one, made me laugh out loud!

Übermaniam said...

tnks for not dropping by. nice. uber.

Übermaniam said...

am curious, why don't you link to anyone? don;t know how to or...

zaazooz said...

u should write a sequel to this.took me back to my college days.tks a ton for making me happy.

Swathi said...

tagboard? wonder if i wud do justice to it

yaa the nasal rendition of jhum jhum by Usha Utup -who can forget?

thanx n Blandings is my favorite PGW series.

lemme proceed to make amendments n no i dun have
blog links because i like them to b as part of my favorite list of the browser.that way i neednt bother when i change my template.

sequel ? perhaps i shud write 'bout the memories linked to movies

Übermaniam said...

i'm trapped! help. then again, why help. i'm liking it. tnks for dropping by. come...again.

Megha said...

Wonderful post! Brought back a bunch of my own memories associated with these songs. Am happy that my nonsense inspired you in some way :)

Btw, jhoom jhoom jhoom baba isn't by Usha Uthup. It's by Salma Agha, who also sings the song on screen in a tight silver metallic pair of pants no less ;)

By the way, I hate to nitpick, but please please - I am not Meghna. One extra 'n' that needs removing! Thankoo :)

Swathi said...

i wud ,when time permits

u seem to be humility personified.
dun tell me the same Salma Agha who *ed in 'Nikaah'! tat too in metallic silver pants?
luks like i missed the visuals of this song (for laughs)

hey that was blasphemy!oh how cud i misspell ur name?
n itz ur birthright to correct me "hak se maango"

bugs said...

seems like a bollywood freak but i still cud not understand what do u mean by singin in "pubic".....heheheh.i know its a spelling mistake but watch out.

Swathi said...

eeks...wat a stupid typo n this is one thing even the spell checker wudnt help u with.
but i wud jus add my favorite saying here "the slip of the hand is not the fault of the mind and those who remark are unkind "
(thanx to u it stands corrected)

Shruthi said...

Lovely post :)
And I will say it again, I just lurrrve your blog layout ;)

Anonymous said...

hello there:

you have listed more songs in this one post than i have in more than three years of blogging!

- e.b.

Arvind said...

great post. very very well written. i loved this post.

Chimera said...

thanks, Arvind