Saturday, January 07, 2012

They say life is what happens when you are making other plans but what if there are no plans?

In 2011 someone asked me 'How long have you been in the United States?' and I said '5 years' and she said 'only 5 years?'

Little did she know that in those 5 years there were enough activities that were filled into an already overflowing suitcase of memories.

Moving to United States, relocating from Indiana to Pennsylvania, finding a full-time job, moving into a teeny-apartment with sky-high rent, going through a divorce alone without friends, car and a new job (Ah!shit! moment of my life), putting up with 'what does she know?' looks at work, a new shining red car, acquiring good friends along the way, trip to Scotland, day trips to Atlantic city, parents visit and proud to see me do well, smart move to a better apartment, first long drive to new jersey, new boy friends, heartbreaks,beautiful snowfalls, discovering the joy of writing a book, digging deeper into movies,finding out that I have a green thumb, going to writers meets, trip to California, people at work saying 'she does know something', my promotion as Senior product manager, trips to India, rediscovering old friends, surviving management changes in the company, putting up with 'you shouldn't have gotten divorced', certified in product management, trips to New York, Broadway shows ,going to women's leadership course, discovering someone I love, getting better at long distance driving,discovering the fun of baking, cooking, partying, dancing besides many other unmentionables!
No, it wasn't only 5 years....

As I step into 2012, I hope I come a wee bit closer to discovering myself - who I am , what I want and hopefully know how to bring these two together.