Monday, January 23, 2006

So long...

ok folks,many Thanks for post-requests but ....
I'm on this travel spree and as busy ,with the new project, as a mother is with her new-born.

Herez a short 55er which I'd written sometime back and I shall promise to be back after a brief hiatus.

Was it his hazel eyes??

He had hazel eyes -'just like mine' ,she thought.
Suddenly he looked deep into her eyes and gave
her a smile, which lit up her world.
She had always longed for someone like him
- the twinkle in his eye, the soft skin and
the immaculate smile-
He was just like the son she never had...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Some years are memorable while others just pass ...

As I peep into the kaleidoscope of nostalgia ,I see colorful images of memories whose dates/years are insignificant;
- those tamarind trees on the way to my school,
the eagles hovering around my school's playground,
watching re-runs of Fauji(school kids drooling over 'I say chaps' guy),
English movies in Ratna theatre with Mom, waiting for the school bus,
those petty jealousies, the teeny-weeny girlish crushes........

But 1997 changed all of that.

Suddenly the years and sometimes even the dates have started growing in significance and getting associated with a memory in that process,
-1998,2000 and 2001 were such years.
And the latest addition to the aforementioned list is 2005.

2005 holds some special memories for me which,if I could, I'd love to preserve it as a fossil forever.

So what would 2006 bring???