Thursday, January 05, 2006

Some years are memorable while others just pass ...

As I peep into the kaleidoscope of nostalgia ,I see colorful images of memories whose dates/years are insignificant;
- those tamarind trees on the way to my school,
the eagles hovering around my school's playground,
watching re-runs of Fauji(school kids drooling over 'I say chaps' guy),
English movies in Ratna theatre with Mom, waiting for the school bus,
those petty jealousies, the teeny-weeny girlish crushes........

But 1997 changed all of that.

Suddenly the years and sometimes even the dates have started growing in significance and getting associated with a memory in that process,
-1998,2000 and 2001 were such years.
And the latest addition to the aforementioned list is 2005.

2005 holds some special memories for me which,if I could, I'd love to preserve it as a fossil forever.

So what would 2006 bring???


Seashells said...

Oh, it's been so many years since i last heard the 'I say chaps' phrase... I definitely used it like it was the coolest thing to say... guilty, i am.

anumita said...

I am sure the end of this year will see you add another significant year of experiences galore, of memories to forever cherish!
(Tummy almost hurting with dying to know what all these years meant!)

:-) said...

joy :-)

~RAUL~ said...

Oh you know what?
yesterday at the theatre I saw someone just like you and D. Gosh does D also has a twin brother?
Whats this, a family of twins ? :d :d

And yeah thinking of memorable times/places reminds me of the name Zafraan. Amazing ambience !!!

Pallavi said...

May all your dreams come true this year.. wishing you a very happy new year..

Truth Fairy said...

Happy New Year! :)

And I know what you mean. Thinking about those good ol' times always makes me nostalgic.

zombiee said...

prediction 2006- is gonna bring you mounds and heaps of joy. fulfilment. happiness and blessings.
u wil pause to be enriched by the smaller things in life.

Swathi said...

and we gals also used to like it,albeit for different reasons :)

hopefully... n yaa i shall tell u 'bout those yrs the day u post ur foto :)

@ :-)
long time.... anywayz Wish U a Happy 2006

@ Raul
u r alwayz confused... where did u say u saw me??? common, tat must b my ghost ...
and wat 'bout Zafraan??? i dun remember anything 'bout that place

Thanks for ur wonderful wishes

@Truth Fairy (tinkerbell..)
end of a year always marks the beginning of nostalgic moments.

herez hoping that ur prediction comes true..

anumita said...

Is that a deal? I think I ll take it. Cause everytime I come to your page my stomach starts paining real bad! Send me email id. Will send photo in exchange for memorable years info!

Fatally Flawed said...

herez to wish you all the best in 2006 :) Cheers!!!

Shankari said...

When will you exhume the fossil??? Heres wishing you all the best for 2006! :)

Swathi said...

thatz simple, jus click on contact me in My profile n u'd reach my mail :) eagerly awaiting ur fotos

thanks dude, May u have a wonderful 2006 too....

oh no,some fossils r best left untouched :)

anumita said...

Either I am blind or you really dont have a 'contact me' on your profile!

Swathi said...

oops... sorry i din realize i'd taken it off...
u can reach me at

Ajay said...

yeah thats true.... nice post mate

RT said...

Hope 2006 is as memorable if not more as the year that went by...:)
Awaiting new post..:)

rapunzel said...

fauji.....:) yeah...always brings a lump to my throat...also remb that series in the early 80's abt this gal growing up to be a police officer....and then that detective series...and then thr was giant robot and that other story abt 5 kids...vikram and vethal...*sigh* wish they'd air it all again.

Rohan Kumar said...

Lots more happiness and joy for you I hope

~RAUL~ said...

come out of the memories !!!




Swathi said...

thanks n welcome to my realm.

got held up in too much work, anywayz wud try n post something

oh all those good ole DD memories....sure feels very nostalgic

thanks for those wishes

been busy last week, i think i wud b going into a haitus mode now (what with all my travelling..)

tilotamma said...

Lots of travel :-))))))))