Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tinkerbell(TF) Here I come....

So Truth Fairy(TF)tags me and so here I go...

Word of the Day

maelstrom \MAYL-struhm\, noun:
1. A large, powerful, or destructive whirlpool.
2. Something resembling a maelstrom; a violent, disordered, or turbulent state of affairs.

and foll. is my attempt to use this word

his emotions were turbulent
as his eyes darted in and out of the room
this was the D-day of his life and
she was missing....
An amazing whirpool of images flash past him
- perhaps she had an accident,
she might have been hospitalized,
she would be weeping for not being there....
after the lights had all gone, a ring and a Hello
Ah! she hadnt even considered it worthy of her memory
And she says hez trying to raise a 'maelstorm in a Coffee Cup'!

n so as customary I pass on these tags to
Raul, Shradha, Anumita

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Youth -the gift of nature, Age - a work of art

I just added another year to my life and traversed a little further away from the age of teeny boopers-not that I’m regretting it but however hard I do not want to believe that forgetfulness is a sign of growing old, the fact keeps surfacing time and again these days.
It gives me immense pleasure to note that I’m not alone in this endeavor, my best (est) friend D seems to exhibit these symptoms more than me

(a phone call between D n me sometime last week)

Me: so shall I hope that at least this year you would wish me on my birthday?
D: No way, don't even nurture the slightest hope 'bout it.
Me: yyyyyyyyyyyyy? (reminiscing on all those lovely cards given by her a few yrs back)

and D narrates this incident:

On a beautiful sunny morning, D's hubby B wakes her out of her slumber to say goodbye.
D :(groggily, without even bothering to open her eyes) bye, see you
soon she is interrupted by a stupid phone call
D : (cursing, who! the &*^%) hello
MIL : so how are you guys? did u go to the temple today?
D : (now wide awake, thinking, shit! which festival is it today!) no, but what is so special today ?
MIL : today is B's b'day
D : (this is even worse than forgetting a festival) we decided to go to the temple in the evening

The next 20 seconds is total cacophony to the listeners ears as we fall victims to bouts of giggling (which is one phenomenon that never leaves a girl, never mind her age) and I knew better than to expect her call on my b'day !

At a recent marriage reception of a colleague where I gallantly go ahead and introduce ppl :

Me to C:(pointing to the red-color-shirt-guy) this is Chandu and this (the one in green) is Srini
Suddenly the two guys sport bewildered expressions: let us re-introduce ourselves, I'm Sridhar (red-shirt) and this is Raj (green shirt)
Me (shaking my head from side-to-side) and I thought I knew the names of all the people on my floor!

Fortunately for me, there are solutions which rescue people like me
by providing all sorts of gadgets like thinkpads, outlook calenders, mobile phone task lists and so on.These gadgets are heaven sent,no doubt, esp. once you have understood their instruction manuals!

So today I have become gadget-savvy and have all my to-do lists on my mobile phone which gives an alarming beep loud enough to wake me from my deepest slumber and proceed to the activity at hand but is there anyway to set a reminder not to forget the mobile phone itself???

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Helpful hints from Mr.Podger

  So hopefully everyone had a ‘blast’ this Diwali and back to the same old sun-rising-in-the-east-setting-in-the-west rigmarole.

My Diwali can be summarized in one sentence – no show by the maid-cooking-more cooking-entertaining neighbors-colorful diyas-lighting sparkles and flowerpots-and finally a good dinner at my friend’s place. Oh and if I forgot –it also included flashing the ethnic black skirt, jewellery, the stringed choli et al …

If Tennyson were to write a poem today, he would have said
  Maids may come and Maids may go
  But the search goes on forever…
So you get the drift of what is about to transpire in the forthcoming lines? And the connection with the perplexing title!

Those who have read Three Men in a Boat, would be well acquainted with Uncle Podger. For the benefit of those who haven’t (read the book I mean) we all would have encountered an Uncle Podger at some time or the other in our lives. The story goes in the way that Uncle Podger volunteers to hang a picture and all he does is bark orders to people to get to do whatever it requires to hang a picture.

Now if only I could get some tips from Uncle Podger, for all the household chores I have to do these days, (already taking a toll on my manicured hands!!) ,I would be one happy gal.