Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Youth -the gift of nature, Age - a work of art

I just added another year to my life and traversed a little further away from the age of teeny boopers-not that I’m regretting it but however hard I do not want to believe that forgetfulness is a sign of growing old, the fact keeps surfacing time and again these days.
It gives me immense pleasure to note that I’m not alone in this endeavor, my best (est) friend D seems to exhibit these symptoms more than me

(a phone call between D n me sometime last week)

Me: so shall I hope that at least this year you would wish me on my birthday?
D: No way, don't even nurture the slightest hope 'bout it.
Me: yyyyyyyyyyyyy? (reminiscing on all those lovely cards given by her a few yrs back)

and D narrates this incident:

On a beautiful sunny morning, D's hubby B wakes her out of her slumber to say goodbye.
D :(groggily, without even bothering to open her eyes) bye, see you
soon she is interrupted by a stupid phone call
D : (cursing, who! the &*^%) hello
MIL : so how are you guys? did u go to the temple today?
D : (now wide awake, thinking, shit! which festival is it today!) no, but what is so special today ?
MIL : today is B's b'day
D : (this is even worse than forgetting a festival) we decided to go to the temple in the evening

The next 20 seconds is total cacophony to the listeners ears as we fall victims to bouts of giggling (which is one phenomenon that never leaves a girl, never mind her age) and I knew better than to expect her call on my b'day !

At a recent marriage reception of a colleague where I gallantly go ahead and introduce ppl :

Me to C:(pointing to the red-color-shirt-guy) this is Chandu and this (the one in green) is Srini
Suddenly the two guys sport bewildered expressions: let us re-introduce ourselves, I'm Sridhar (red-shirt) and this is Raj (green shirt)
Me (shaking my head from side-to-side) and I thought I knew the names of all the people on my floor!

Fortunately for me, there are solutions which rescue people like me
by providing all sorts of gadgets like thinkpads, outlook calenders, mobile phone task lists and so on.These gadgets are heaven sent,no doubt, esp. once you have understood their instruction manuals!

So today I have become gadget-savvy and have all my to-do lists on my mobile phone which gives an alarming beep loud enough to wake me from my deepest slumber and proceed to the activity at hand but is there anyway to set a reminder not to forget the mobile phone itself???


Anonymous said...

Yappy birdday :)


Shradha said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
Forgetfulness is a sign of getting old? I was born with it :))

~RAUL~ said...

happy b'day swats...
where is the cake? ?
:D :D

Twilight Fairy said...

Hey belgium is a great central place!! kewl.. u can travel a lot of europe ..May I suggest a name -- "Belgium Babbles" :)

BTW Happy birthday :)

zombiee said...

so u still rock ! ageing like wine better by the hour. may ur dreams be true and u never sour.

Saltwater Blues said...

happy birthday S! wish you the best of everything.

pallavi said...

hahah happy birthday.. and my phone also has a typical list of things todo.. LOL..

and I also make the same mistakes.. I hate it thats why when someone asks me guess who is calling? or something like that... LOLOL

I hope you had or are having a great day....

Yeah I am the same jilmil.. :)

Thanks for passing by my blog.. :)

~RAUL~ said...


Truth Fairy said...

Happy Birthday pal! :)
Hope you had a nice time.

Rohan Kumar said...

Belated Happy bday, well look on the brighter side atleast u didnt forget ur bday :)

gvenum said...

ahh! So your birthday went by. Belated wishes. Donot keep all the wishes to yourself, do come back next month to wish on mine. This is like udhar to can keep the interest part:)

Vanathi said...

Belated B'day wishes...

Swathi said...


Thanks for the wishes

however modest I want to be, I must say that until now my memory never failed me hence
it is irritating to note this change in me.

dude, i thought u got more than the cake!now, now, being greedy did not help anyone

@twilight fairy
Belgium Babbles sounds good, lemme see if I'd have time to blog at all

wow! aged wine -thatz the right word for me I guess :)

thanx a ton dude n May u njoy ur Goa trip

dun tell me even u r showing the same symptoms! May we both mourn old age together :)

read my comment above ;)

@Truth fairy
yup i had a wonderful time esp. the dinner

n hopefully me n my friends remember it next year

oh! so u a Saagi??yup lemme know the date and i shall wish u (soodh ke saath)

Thanks for the wishes and welcome to the Princess' Realm

Arunima said...

Enjoy your day!!

Truth Fairy said...

You've been tagged :)

shooting star said...

belated happy birthday.

the Monk said...

hey, happy b'day...nice post...

~RAUL~ said...

happy b'day swathi !!!!


Fatally Flawed said...

Gee...missed your Budday! :(
wish you a very belated birthday :)

Vicky said...

Happy B'day lady.

any chance of getting a treat ?

Sujit said...

Belated happy birthday!!..

Swathi said...

Thanx and I did have a wonderful day

@Truth Fairy
so u give me inspiration for my next post, good

@Shooting Star
Thank u

@the Monk
'am glad u njoyed the post

jus tell me what wud make u shut up??? :)

thanx, btw i did not post on my b'day but two days after it had passed

if you would settle for a virtual one

Thanks for the wishes

cherubic_chipmunk said...

so me a lil' late,eh?newayz in acc wid de adage lemme wish happy b'day 2 u...and hey,forgetfulness aint jus a sign of gettin' old-its got more 2 do wid ur bein mature n busy-so b happy ;)

Swathi said...

like the saying goes 'better late than...'

Thanx a ton for the wishes