Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tinkerbell(TF) Here I come....

So Truth Fairy(TF)tags me and so here I go...

Word of the Day

maelstrom \MAYL-struhm\, noun:
1. A large, powerful, or destructive whirlpool.
2. Something resembling a maelstrom; a violent, disordered, or turbulent state of affairs.

and foll. is my attempt to use this word

his emotions were turbulent
as his eyes darted in and out of the room
this was the D-day of his life and
she was missing....
An amazing whirpool of images flash past him
- perhaps she had an accident,
she might have been hospitalized,
she would be weeping for not being there....
after the lights had all gone, a ring and a Hello
Ah! she hadnt even considered it worthy of her memory
And she says hez trying to raise a 'maelstorm in a Coffee Cup'!

n so as customary I pass on these tags to
Raul, Shradha, Anumita


pallavi said...

I loved reading that.... :) but where is the picture ?? :)

Swathi said...

pallavi - ooops I forgot the pic, here it is ...

Shradha said...

No...untag me!! Poetry is not my cup of tea...I cant even rhyme!

I guess I'll have to pass this one...can I do tht?

Fatally Flawed said...

v good indeed...enjoyed this one :)

Sujit said...

its nice.. good

Truth Fairy said...

Nice! it's amazing how each blogger can come up with something so different from such weird words. Awesome job! Thanks for taking the tag. :)

rapunzel said... latest craze in blogdom?? :)@tinkerbell.

Vicky said...

lovely yaar.
but unfortunately i have been tagged for the same thing and i am clueless about it..hehe

Crouching Tigress said...

Maelstorm in a coffee cup..How perfectly amazing!

Saltwater Blues said...

:) very good. I've always been amazed by thw number of talented folk here in Blogsville.

cheers mate!

Swathi said...

u neednt write poetry....jus write watever u feel like :)

aha! coming from such a good poet,must say a huge Thank You

Thanks for the appreciation

@Truth Fairy
Thanks to u for giving me this opportunity to display my creative instincts (end of speech...***clap****clap )

'am glad u noticed Tinkerbell :)

clueless even after reading mine?? common b a sport n do the tag

indeed n even more so if the gal in question is someone i know well.... ;)

or rather blogsville lets out the talent in us????

#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

did u just rite that? cool!

zombiee said...

woha! fantastico.
marvelous. the palms did sweat.

the Monk said...

nice...maelstrom.i like that word...

~RAUL~ said...


Swathi said...


when palms sweat,do remember to keep the hanky at hand :)

me too ,me too....that word sure sounds good like Kaleidoscope

Patience dear friend....

Weary Hag said...

I enjoy a close relationship with this word maelstrom. In brief form ... back when I was in college, my professor had us study from a rather intense vocab book. He then tested us on every word in the book (there were over 200). I ended up with a 99 on my test and when I realized the word I had gotten wrong, I stood proudly to announce that "maelstrom" was NOT in the book at all. He couldn't believe 1. that he made this mistake and 2. that I knew the book well enough to pick up on it!
He gave me the 100% after all.

Good times! Great poetry here and a really fun read.

Swathi said...

@W hag
that anecdote was quite interesting n u truly deserved the 100% :)