Monday, May 23, 2005

y do i hate blue sometimes?

Wonder who coined the term "Monday Morning Blues"? that even the Word detective failed to elaborate on.
I always thot blue represents bright things in life - like the sky as on a beautiful sunny day and water as in the ocean.
But come Monday and the color blue revolves all around trapped in my lille head. It is of the darkest hue and shade.
The only silver lining sported on these clouds is the saying “Itz all in your mind” so I try to drive them out of my mind
N actually the day turns out to be okdokey with lotza pleasant memories like this news for example. (Harper Lee, self exiled author of the book “To kill a mocking Bird”, makes a public appearance)

song in my head today :
piya aiso jiya mein samaye gayo re
ki mein tan man ki sudh budh gawa baitein (for all those lovers of Geeta Dutt)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

a decent foto

my recent fixation is fotografy n i'm jus learning the tricks of the trade,
so herez a decent foto i had shot ...

Friday, May 13, 2005

SPCA here I come

Talking about pets(of the animal variety!) is a touchy topic, which should be carefully avoided in my presence. Well I do find some dogs cute, cats chweet and all types of birds adorable but then they are good from far and far from good sometimes.
Close friends of mine would vouch about my fear of the canine species.
A special Note to all animal lovers (esp. Swamy and Pradyot)- don't mistake this as some sort of hatred campaign because I love animals as long as they walk in their path and carefully avoid treading into mine.
Talking about my fear of dogs, a series of concentric circles weave around (thatz going back into flashback as shown in those Black and white movies) and am taken back in time when a friend of mine in primary school, who goes by the name "Hema" or "lata”(what is it with names n me!), invited me to her house one bright Saturday afternoon.
Since it was only half-a-day at school, I accompanied her to her house after school.
Aunty (as all good aunties do) had served me a plateful of goodies to eat and I was just devouring my 5th piece of cake, when suddenly I see a dog darting out of the adjacent room n heading in my direction and before I cud even think, I ran out of the door and on to the terrace - note that this was an open terrace n I was all set to jump down if that devil of the dog ventured anywhere in my direction. Our eyes were locked for an instant-arrey, the animal's and mine (not so romantic actually!) and I started imaging the 14 injections on my belly n worse the scars that it might leave...simultaneously I was cursing my friend for not coming to my rescue.
Now this is what I call a "situation" - 2 whole minutes elapsed before the dog heeded to an echo of a vaguely sounding "Bruno" -aunty finally coming to poor me's rescue.
Next thing I realize is I’m scrambling all the way to my house without even bidding propah goodbye to my friend. Oh what an experience! So, like I said I do share a love-hate relationship with the animal!
Another incident about pets, I heard recently, made the non-existent hair on my arms stand. One of my friends, who moved recently to Singapore from US, was looking for a suitable tenant to let out her house in the US. She had almost given up when she got a positive response from a single woman who was all eager to occupy her house ASAP. My friend was happy and almost handed out her keys when thankfully that lady made a mention of her pet python and boy! My friend uttered a huge "Oh!!" and firmly refused. She was ready to forego the money her house would have earned ‘coz she was too scared to come back and find small baby pythons in all possible nooks and corners of her house!
Of course I’m all against any sort of cruelty towards them like this recent example - My mom had this weird idea to make decorative receptacles for flowerpots and they were stacked high in my balcony ... n one fine day the pigeons of my neighborhood discovered this heavenly home and settled comfortably.
Now my mom wanted to chase them off since they wud get used to this comfortable abode n refuse to move out so its better to turn them off but I wouldn’t hear one word 'bout it and let them stay on till one day, 2 months later, the pigeons decided to find themselves a better accommodation and I was left to clean a stinking balcony loaded with pigeon shit!

Din't I say that I love all other species apart from the homosapiens??

(Wondering ‘bout the title? of course it is “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals”)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Life shud come with an Instruction Manual

wat is it that they say 'bout life?? "that it comes with no instruction Manual!"
A zing in my step, a smile on my lips n life goes on with added zeal.
ppl wonder whatz wrong with this girl today? she keeps smiling for no reason!
this is when the instructions (which ones u ask, havent u read the title??)could come in handy.
Am reminded of those eyes once again :
"aapki aankhon mein kuch mehki hui si raaz hai
aapse bhi khoobsurat aapki andaaz hai... "
aap ki baaton mein phir koi sharaarat to nahin
bevajah taarif karanaa aap ki aadat to nahin
aap ki badamaashiyon ke ye naye andaaz hai"

I feel as if I'm reborn -sinking into that satiated feeling where I feel the glow of
candles all around me..

(current mood : elated )

Friday, May 06, 2005

a new song in my collection

I'd bought the cassette of "Kinara"(yup I am ancient in my ways and still stick on to my antique walkman) for the song "Naam Gum Jaayega" but was in for a pleasant surprise, another awesome song with heavenly lyrics.
Sung by Bhupinder -he sounds so heavenly and morantic -also notice that almost no musical instruments have been used in this song, he seems to be narrating a poem ...
now comes those wonderful words of the song :

Ek hi khwab kai baar dekha hai maine
tune saari main uras lee hai chabiyan ghar ki

Aur chali aayi hai
bus yoon hi mera haath pakad kar
ek hi khwab kai baar ...

Mej par phool sajate hue
dekha hai kai baar
aur bistar se kai baar
jagaya hai tujhko
chalte phirte mere kadmon ki vo
aahat bhi suni hai

Gungunati hui nikli hai naha kar jab bhi
Apne bheege hue baalon se tapakta paani
mere chahre pe chhitak deti hai

Taash ke patton pe ladti hai
kabhi kabhi khel main mujhse
aur ladti bhi hai aise ki bus
khel rahi hai mujhse
aur aagosh ko nanhe ko liye

aur jaanti ho tiku,
jab tumhara yeh khwab dekha tha,
apne bistar pe main us waqt pada
jaag raha tha....

n my search for songs like these (refers to the above mentioned song) continues.....

current mood : morantic (wat else can u be in after listening to this one?)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

When Pinching helmets was a pastime and newts got painted orange

I was in deep mourning thinking of the wasted years I spent when I did not read PG Wodehouse’s works. How did I miss noticing Lord Emsworth and Jeeves and Wooster books beckoning me from their colourful covers is beyond my ken!
My memory takes me back to the days of apna doordarshan, which did indeed telecast good programmes apart from Krishi Darshan.I would have been about 13 years old and the Jeeves and Wooster series would be my side dish for my afternoon lunch –of course I think most of the British humour was lost on me then but still I think that is my first meeting with this maestro of humour.
Once again I bumped into him in college on the recommendation of gud ole Akila (mental note to myself: try to locate her) I read a couple of golf stories of his but I still did not appreciate the writer too much or perhaps it did not appeal to my then rebellious mind (which was busy devouring Ayn Rand).
Almost a decade later I started again with “The Inimitable Jeeves” and only then I really started appreciating PGW. Having just completed “What Ho! - The Best of P.G. Wodehouse”, I must say that I have a lot of catching up to do but like the saying goes “Better Late than never”! What Ho!.. has the best of PGW’s collection with an excellent introduction by Stephen Fry and came to my rescue in my long waits in airports where the weary passengers were left wondering what made me laugh so much after a 5 hour wait and a 9 hour flight!! I did pity them indeed for not being able to look at the brighter side of life through the eyes of PG Wodehouse.