Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Life shud come with an Instruction Manual

wat is it that they say 'bout life?? "that it comes with no instruction Manual!"
A zing in my step, a smile on my lips n life goes on with added zeal.
ppl wonder whatz wrong with this girl today? she keeps smiling for no reason!
this is when the instructions (which ones u ask, havent u read the title??)could come in handy.
Am reminded of those eyes once again :
"aapki aankhon mein kuch mehki hui si raaz hai
aapse bhi khoobsurat aapki andaaz hai... "
aap ki baaton mein phir koi sharaarat to nahin
bevajah taarif karanaa aap ki aadat to nahin
aap ki badamaashiyon ke ye naye andaaz hai"

I feel as if I'm reborn -sinking into that satiated feeling where I feel the glow of
candles all around me..

(current mood : elated )


Vignesh said...

Smiles for no apparent reason... and all that you said in Hindi... all these breadcrumbs point to one thing...

Shruthi and Someone, sitting in a tree... K I S S I N G :)

That was childish, I know... ah, well.

Thanks for the linklove... :)

Swathi said...

hey TK(thumbi kutti)
so u r back, i have no clue wat u r talking 'bout! :))

Vignesh said...

Gah !!! Another akka !!

And Im sure you have no idea what Im talking about... yeah right ;))

First Rain said...

Super song choice! With a manual like that, you can seldom go wrong.

Btw who sang you the first part? ;)

Lab hilen to mogre ke phool khilte hain kahin,
Aapki aankhon main kya saahil bhi milte kahin,
Aapki khamoshiyan bhi aapki aawaz hain

Swathi said...

hey fr,
yup with my manual of romantic songs i am only destined to be doomed ;
the entire song is so beautiful but dun ask me who sang it! itz only me listening to them in rwd mode all the time.