Friday, May 13, 2005

SPCA here I come

Talking about pets(of the animal variety!) is a touchy topic, which should be carefully avoided in my presence. Well I do find some dogs cute, cats chweet and all types of birds adorable but then they are good from far and far from good sometimes.
Close friends of mine would vouch about my fear of the canine species.
A special Note to all animal lovers (esp. Swamy and Pradyot)- don't mistake this as some sort of hatred campaign because I love animals as long as they walk in their path and carefully avoid treading into mine.
Talking about my fear of dogs, a series of concentric circles weave around (thatz going back into flashback as shown in those Black and white movies) and am taken back in time when a friend of mine in primary school, who goes by the name "Hema" or "lata”(what is it with names n me!), invited me to her house one bright Saturday afternoon.
Since it was only half-a-day at school, I accompanied her to her house after school.
Aunty (as all good aunties do) had served me a plateful of goodies to eat and I was just devouring my 5th piece of cake, when suddenly I see a dog darting out of the adjacent room n heading in my direction and before I cud even think, I ran out of the door and on to the terrace - note that this was an open terrace n I was all set to jump down if that devil of the dog ventured anywhere in my direction. Our eyes were locked for an instant-arrey, the animal's and mine (not so romantic actually!) and I started imaging the 14 injections on my belly n worse the scars that it might leave...simultaneously I was cursing my friend for not coming to my rescue.
Now this is what I call a "situation" - 2 whole minutes elapsed before the dog heeded to an echo of a vaguely sounding "Bruno" -aunty finally coming to poor me's rescue.
Next thing I realize is I’m scrambling all the way to my house without even bidding propah goodbye to my friend. Oh what an experience! So, like I said I do share a love-hate relationship with the animal!
Another incident about pets, I heard recently, made the non-existent hair on my arms stand. One of my friends, who moved recently to Singapore from US, was looking for a suitable tenant to let out her house in the US. She had almost given up when she got a positive response from a single woman who was all eager to occupy her house ASAP. My friend was happy and almost handed out her keys when thankfully that lady made a mention of her pet python and boy! My friend uttered a huge "Oh!!" and firmly refused. She was ready to forego the money her house would have earned ‘coz she was too scared to come back and find small baby pythons in all possible nooks and corners of her house!
Of course I’m all against any sort of cruelty towards them like this recent example - My mom had this weird idea to make decorative receptacles for flowerpots and they were stacked high in my balcony ... n one fine day the pigeons of my neighborhood discovered this heavenly home and settled comfortably.
Now my mom wanted to chase them off since they wud get used to this comfortable abode n refuse to move out so its better to turn them off but I wouldn’t hear one word 'bout it and let them stay on till one day, 2 months later, the pigeons decided to find themselves a better accommodation and I was left to clean a stinking balcony loaded with pigeon shit!

Din't I say that I love all other species apart from the homosapiens??

(Wondering ‘bout the title? of course it is “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals”)


pradyot said...

Too many people develop a lifelong fear of animals thanks to a bad experience during childhood. There are 2 golden rules when dealing with animals:
1. Never stare them in the eye. Eye contact is great so long as you are dealing with humans, but in the animal kingdom, staring in the eye is a sign of aggression.
2. Dont smile. Humans are the only (weird) species that show teeth in what is meant to be a gesture of friendliness. In the animal kingdom, showing teeth is again considered a sign of aggression.
And these rules apply to pets also. Remember that a few months of training cannot erase centuries of instinct.

Swathi said...

hey Pradyot
thx for those handy tips , wud try to remember them next time i land up in trouble(only that when in trouble "meri bhudhi pehle brasht ho jaathi hai" :->

Swathi said...
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Rabin said...

you could say that i'm a animal lover since i have 3 dogs at home (all strapping big labradors), though I find cats vaguely unsettling since i feel that they look down on me everytime they gaze at my way. I guess each of us have something that we are afraid of in our lives, I can't deal with heights so very well, though on a bet i did bungy jump once, that was my way of saying hey, i'm scared witless but i'm crazy enough to do this. Maybe you might find that craziness some day too, coz dogs are awesome.

Manchus said...

I just came across your blog from Sagnik's blog. Good post.

Glad to know that there are many in this world like me. Even I just cannot stand any animal (except human) in my personal space.

All the animals are cute to look at and can be admired in a photograph or as a stuff toy..but they better not come near me.

But then I don't really hate them that I will eradicate animal lovers! don't worry..I am not a threat.

Swathi said...

2 manchus
thanx for dropping by the Princess' Realm.
so u do understand my plight i suppose like i said animals r 'gud from far and far from gud'