Monday, May 23, 2005

y do i hate blue sometimes?

Wonder who coined the term "Monday Morning Blues"? that even the Word detective failed to elaborate on.
I always thot blue represents bright things in life - like the sky as on a beautiful sunny day and water as in the ocean.
But come Monday and the color blue revolves all around trapped in my lille head. It is of the darkest hue and shade.
The only silver lining sported on these clouds is the saying “Itz all in your mind” so I try to drive them out of my mind
N actually the day turns out to be okdokey with lotza pleasant memories like this news for example. (Harper Lee, self exiled author of the book “To kill a mocking Bird”, makes a public appearance)

song in my head today :
piya aiso jiya mein samaye gayo re
ki mein tan man ki sudh budh gawa baitein (for all those lovers of Geeta Dutt)


Vignesh said...

Remind me to tell you the story of 'Black Monday' at some point... will totally redefine your PoV towards Monday blues ;)

Swathi said...

hi thumbi
blue is bad enuf?y do we need a Black Monday also?

btw "akka" epidi irruka?

Arch Storm said...

well... monday blues becoz people realize that they can never sleep on a monday through friday morning for the next 45 years of their lives!
Is it still a yellow monday for u?

Swathi said...

itz more to do with the catching up on work rather than catching up on sleep!
thx for dropping by..

Rabin said...

Acutally I happen to be a one of those wierdos who love mondays and also love the blues! There is nothing like a brand new week to attack, things to do, people to meet etc! Nice post!