Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Is it weird in here, or is it just me?

Ok, I agree that once in a while I have to come out of my reclusive self and accept the tags that one my blogger friend graciously led me to(whats is so gracious one might ask, but that is beside the point)

I am ready to believe that people would enjoy reading the weird quirks of fellow beings, rather than some boring rant of long forgotten movies, books and other assorted paraphernalia which lie on one’s bedside table. But do I digress?? (well this is my blog and I would digress as and when thought appropriate...)

Without further ado, I shall come to the tag in question which is to list 5 weird things about oneself and pass it to five others (who should also fall in the league of weird people, for obvious reasons)

if you don't know already , I suffer from the cleanliness bug(perhaps I took the adage ‘Cleanliness next to Godliness’ from my Moral Science lessons in school too seriously)yes, my fingers itch for - setting right every disarrayed picture frame which cries out to me , organizing shelves at home or the office, rearranging my handbag every morning. This also extends to emptying the recycle bin of my comp as well the deleted items of my mails, almost everyday and ‘am guilty of losing some of my precious data.

I hate visiting the restroom while traveling, unless it is absolutely and painfully necessary. Trains, railway stations, bus stands as well as other people’s houses - form the huge weird list in some remote corner of my brain which refuses to let go even when the bladder beckons.

I have a huge phobia of flying which seems to increase along with my frequent-flier miles.(the flights I took from B’lore to Hyd’bad for 7 months last year did nothing to improve it) But yes, I do try to put on a brave front, on my flight from Rome to Brussels I was assuring a 16-year-old kid that it is not such a bad experience at all after one gets used to the fear-factor.

I flip for guys who write well and am mightily impressed by guys who are also voracious readers. If I tell you my latest crush is Oscar Wilde, you would know why I call this 'weird'

I can be at my vindictive best in my imagination - devise elaborate plans of making the other person embarrassed or hurt .If a friend promised to come to my party and did not turn up, I shall imagine 101 ways of hurting her but actually I would meet her the next morning with a big smile on my face.So much for my 'V for Vendetta'!

Now that this ordeal is done ,I once again pass it on graciously to
C. Tigress

(and how do ya like my new blog template?, brickbats welcome)


Arunima said...

Even I have to do it.

Weary Hag said...

I chuckled so hard at your comment on the Outpost this morning! Has it really been so long since I've stopped by? You should see how long it's been since I've seen some folks' blogs! I just no longer have the hours in the day to dedicate to blogging, but I do try.

Anyway... great post. I'm not overly fond of tags either, but you've done a great job on this one.

I don't share your clean-bug, but I share your discomfort for flying and your fondness for men who write well!

Your new look is FABULOUS! I'll be having a small surprise in store coming up soon. It won't be a new look, but perhaps something a bit better. hahaha (do you love suspense?)

Anu said...

Flip for guys who write well? haha... So marriage applications only with accompanying essay?:))
Latest template-fit for a princess!

Deppe said...

Nice post but I'm afraid I'm not a fan of your blog's new look.

Go on, start thinking about 101 ways to hurt me. ;-)

Swathi said...

go ahead ,itz much fun

@W Hag
no no thankfully u r one of my regulars here but i thot that the timing about the new template discussion was spot-on

marriage applications??? guess 'am too ole for that...

i know itz got this ultra feminine look but i wanted to change the template so badly and i was fedup of taking too long.
yup 'am planning my vengence meanwhile :)

Truth Fairy said...

Even I have a huge phobia for flying! Hubby has loads of fun flying with me and of course laughing at me! :(

And oh! Lol! I have this huge thing for guys who write well too. Actually thats why I fell for M3. :)

Your Vakil said...

i hate using restrooms while travelling too!!

idhenna template?? konjam idha maathiden....

Shradha said...

phobia of flying? And you still manage to travel so much! Wow!

~RAUL~ said...

Yo...you have changed look and feel...good good...looks more girly now :) :)

And fear of flying...ask me...I just cringe at the thought of the plane taking off the ground...

so hows ur world cup month been ?

RT said...

V for Vandetta rather evident. Will do the tag soon..:)

Seashells said...

Good read. :) Will do the tag in a bit.

Swathi said...

@truth fairy
welcome back n 'am glad we share atleast 2 of those in my weirdo list :)

sorry but my poor tamil-speaking skills fail to understand ur last lines , need a proper interpretation

i decided to live with my fear of flying if I have keep up my love for travelling :0

u said it!guess the template is really girly, wud change it soon...World Cup monthz not been so good actually

waiting...else shall start devicing one of those evil plans of mine ***insert evil laughter*****

read above , same holds good for u :)

Seashells said...

done duna done, done. :)

Pallavi said...

hahah i just did the tag today..

Crouching Tigress said...

Did you tag thing finally :p