Monday, December 18, 2006

Do you have them?

I have no one, but my inability to capture those half-formed sentences which are lost in the labyrinths of my brain, to blame for my forced hibernation from the blog world but here is an attempt to resurrect my blog.

They were not there below the shelf nor were they in the loft.
Everyone scurried in search of them; a few more minutes of delay and she would have to forget the party. He stood in a quite corner and watched the scene –he was sure she would refuse to dance without her best stilettos.

-a 55er


Deepak said...

welcome back !

I think you mean "quiet" in your story. Can't take these review-goggles off so easily. ;-)

Shradha said...

you are back! :D

Shradha said...
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zombiee said...

interesting :) welcome back. Yes in Canada indeed. Heading homeward soon.

Swathi said...

ah! the review-goggles...perhaps now that u r wanted in most B schools it is high time u put them aside.

nice fotos n sorry to say my blog is the most ignored one so it is a bad place for publicity :) btw, i expected atleast one foto of urz, u disappoint me..

so back to B'lore is it? where to next?

zombiee said...

yep Bangalore in the second week of Jan. -
and then dont know where. hoping (longing) to be in blore for a month.

Crouching Tigress said...

Oh you are back!

Seashells said...

Happy New Year. I hope you have a swell year ahead.

Swathi said...

so how was new year in Canada?

@c tigress
ypu n this time for good

thanks dude.

zombiee said...

It was totaly wicked. Had a great time. downtown toronto, fireworks and 40 thousand people. Great music and it was a little wet :) hope it was great for you too. hope you have a great year ahead.

Weary Hag said...

I see you left for a time as well! I'm so glad you hung in there and returned to blogging ... the break was needed and necessary, but now we're both ready for more I guess.

Glad to see you!