Sunday, February 08, 2009

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.

Is life worth going through the pain of a relationship which affects us so deeply that it changes our life forever or is it best left forgotten as time goes by?

If the latter is true, we wouldn’t have the story of ‘The Reader’. A young boy, Michael, has a brief affair with an older woman, Hannah. This takes places in the Germany of the ‘50s. Besides the obvious sexual emancipation of Michael, Hannah takes immense pleasure in Michael reading aloud to her during these trysts.

Hannah makes no pretense of the fact that they could never have a future and one fine day, Michael finds her gone. Decades later, as a law student Michael comes across a case where Hannah is accused of being the prison guard of a Nazi camp and not allowing the prisoners to escape when there is a fire. Hannah is the same old stoic woman, who knows no other world other than her duty as a prison guard and is so ashamed of her secret of being illiterate that she accepts prosecution to admitting it.
Michael, who has been deeply affected by his relationship with her, watches the proceeds of case agitated and is guilty of not helping.
The last part of the story deals with Hannah spending her old age in prison listening to audio books sent by Michael and learning how to read and write.

And if you are thinking Kate Winslet of Titanic fame, you must watch this movie to see her acting prowess and of course her every curve!

My mind is flooded with numerous questions even as I was absorbing this poignant tale – are we ashamed to admit our misdemeanors even if it means losing sleep? Are people affected by their insecurities so much that they would rather prefer prosecution? Can we redeem ourselves of the crimes we commit under the pretext of our duties?


Anonymous said...

nice thoughts there. i liked the movie too; probably one of the best and most romantic movies released this year.

Ralph Finnes, i thought was terrific in the role of a older man with a secret sorrow - could not believe that the same guy was the terrifying Amon Goeth in Schindler's list. the scene where he meets Winslet as an older man for the first time in prison was the one of the high point of the movie for me.

welcome back after the long hiatus. you ought to post more often.

Chimera said...

though I lurrrve Ralph Finnes and he was good, I thought David Kross was fantabulous as the young Michael. The scene you mentioned had a lump in my throat, definetly one of the best movies I watched in recent years.

do I know you? from my previous blog('lory) days?

Deppe said...

Look who's back!!!!!

I'm putting this movie on my list of flicks to watch. I've kinda been starved on that front.

If I didn't mention it already, good to have you back S!

Chimera said...

nice to see you here again n thanks for the welcome.

this year hollywood has produced such a plethora of amazing movies - I still have to watch 'The Wrestler' , 'Milk' , 'Revolutionary Road' , do let me know your thoughts on this one if and when you watch it.

confused said...

nice thoughts and really thought provoking questions!!!..I have not watched this movie bt after reading this, it's on my must watch list

Here from Flying High's blog..

White Magpie said...

Welcome back!! It's so good to read what goes behind that sharp mind...

Anonymous said...

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White Magpie said...

I saw the movie this week. Firstly, Kate didn’t do any crime. The judge didn’t answer what he would have done in her place. It’s so damn easy to judge any way when the stomach is full. It was damn intense though. I think given enough time, people take care of their insecurities either way.

'Revolutionary Road’ was another terrific movie. Absolutely sad ending but that is how many marriages are.


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