Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I never met a Calorie I did not like

If you guys thought that women endure only childbirth then you are mistaken, when we are not worrying about what to cook for dinner we are worried about the project deadlines but that single worry, which is constant and persistent across women of all ages, is the Calories! Of course I’m not counting our obsession with the shade of nail polish or the make of our sandals.
I know it is touchy topic to speak about, what with the Atkins and South Beach diets doing its rounds in all the circles possible but I proceed with my ordeal nevertheless.

Wonder why do ice creams and chocolates taste the way they do which leaves us guilty after succumbing to their charms once in a while. And believe me all your plans of burning those calories the next day never work, not esp. after you get up at 8 in the morning and rush to work at 9.

But thanks to Moms who are ever ready to humour their daughters.
Every weekend my Mom finds me losing weight, I bet if she’d see me everyday she would say the same. She welcomes me with a 'You have grown sooooooo thin', 'you are not eating properly' -note that leaves me smug and happy. Though there is no correlation between general health and weight (in fact obesity has more disadvantages) the world in general and mothers in particular think that thin is synonymous to being unhealthy (only wish the guys also thought that!)

To make matters worse we have ppl who make it a point to comment on the amount of weight you have put-on. Now I think there should be a law against them – crucify whoever comments on a woman’s weight – no make that crucify them nude!
And leading the pack (to be crucified) would be the salesmen/women in shops,

Just the other day I realized that the waiting time to fit into my old jeans is over and went shopping for a new pair, I was rushing into a trial room trying to avoid one of those ever-ready-to-help guys, when I hear a voice behind me:

ERTH guy: Ma’am, what size are you looking for?
it is bad enough feeling lousy about ur waist size, gets worse when you have to declare it in public!
Me: mumble 28…..
ERTH guy: (appraising me) No Ma’am I’m sure they wouldn’t fit, 30 should be ok
Me: err…perhaps... ( why can’t the earth swallow me now) anywayz I’ll try both
5 minutes later, I emerge out of the trial room and quickly rush to the Payment Counter and come home happy with my purchase. Now don’t ask me who was right!

So the next time think twice before you tell a girl “I think you have put on weight”, unless you want to make an enemy for life.


Fatally Flawed said...

guess it's the same wid guys like me too :))

Shradha said...

Came here accidently, found out we have a lot in common, like the books on our shelf and MS!!!

And I second the crucifying thing!

Crouching Tigress said...

Eating disorders are 'in' dude. I am proud that I 'eat like a boy'. EVERYONE who has seen me, has the same thing to say "you have gained weight". And before it was "oh you are skinny". So let them take a hike. Eat well, WHILE YOU CAN!! Mmmm...I want more icecream

Rohan Kumar said...

I luckily have the gift of not putting on weight inspite of however much I hog (always inspires an awwww u r sooooo lucky from all females and awww u've grown so thin from my Mom everytime she sees me after any period of time) bu I sincerely beleive that u should eat as much as ur heart desires and make sure u burn it off later on, its not only the guys who desire thin species of the opposite sex I m sure u wouldnt like a beer bellied fatass as ur bf.
P.S. The bout b/w ERTH guy v/s me makes it 1-0 in favor of the guys :)

Sagnik Nandy said...

men actually are always in a stage where they wanna be muscular but always have that lil extra flab they cant get rid of - so neither can they enjoy the food nor are they happy staying away from it :((

Rat said...

I had someone recently tell me that I should consider getting a new wardrobe since I have put on so much wieght.
I think thats as bad as it gets.

RT said...

Ask them to take a walk.. (excluding mum- those are her 'pick-up' lines)
I get harrassed by my MIL that I dont eat enough while I am the one who hogs the most in the house. And that gets to you sometimes.
But what the heck. Dig sinfully into the fudges and chocolates. And ignore the inner conscience and world at large..:-)

Vignesh said...

ERTH guy: Ma’am, what size are you looking for?

Funny, thats usually when I get slapped...

Ostrich said...

Long live chocolates! :)

Being skinny is over-rated, I say! :)

zombiee said...

eat to live, live to eat, either way eat, but eat healthy. but IMHO the bigger you look the safer you are :D º¿º

Primalsoup said...

Hehe, how true! :)

Excess Adipose doesn't get one any... But the pure pleasure of Chocolate Excess more than compensates! :)

Swathi said...

oh! u seem to b one of the few guys who counts his calories?

yaa we do seem to share common interests like 'Blossoms' for instance

though i cant eat a full meal even if I want to,i cud dig into any no. of chocolates (the ice cream count has b on the decline sadly)

now the hardest part lies in making sure to burn it off later :)) but i definetly dun give up trying

wat! they dun njoy their food? n I thot the way to a man's heart ...n wat not.

that somebody is on my list of crucification now :))

ur MIL sounds so sweet, wish all gals get a MIL like that n ya i do dig in (ok once in a while atleast)

oh dun we all!may the ERTH guys/gals rot in hell!(unless they r related to u)

yup long live chocolates (esp. the Swiss ones) n being skinny?bah! they luk like they r from a famished land :)

now if we actually start eating healthy, out with the chocos n ice creams, tatz my whole point :D

u bet! like i said I never met a Calorie I did not like :))

Rabin said...

hey swathi, you just about have the best post titles ever. And pretty neat posts too :)

anumita said...

Dont give a damn to what others say your size is. The salesguys always suggest a size bigger than what I wear but I fit into mine and show them. You know, looks can be deceptive.

Swathi said...

thanks so much for those words of appreciation.

yup I do try not to ...but then when I find that the size i thot was right jus isnt then it is a sad scene.

Manchus said...

You are absolutely right about crucification :)

Last time I visited my in-laws place, one of the ladies (not my immediate relative) had the cheek to tell me that I need to reduce weight. This time I am going to India and have decided if anyone says anything like this, my answer would be "Aapka kamaya hua khati nahin hoon".

Inqusitive akka said...

that 28- 30 thing was sooooooooo identical to what i did when i went to buy my trousers!of course i now say 29 and then frown and add "its a pity we don't get odd- sized clothes in india:)

Rauf said...

Health is in mind, not in body Princess, the only thing i suggest every one is to drink a lot of water and not to undergo the torture of resisting temptation.