Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Poetry begins in delight and ends in wisdom

It was 1 in the night and I had just finished my conference call, though sleep was beckoning me, I got in the mood of poetry and not wanting to lose that moment, I started writing. Of late, I find myself drawn towards Anna Akhmatova’s poems, which seem to convey a whole lot of meaning in a few words. Now, brevity has never been my forte but try I would ……

She lies intoxicated in those arms
Knows not what the world beholds

She seeks him in those eyes
Trying to break from the trance

She breathes in soft sighs
Mouths his name in sweet delight

She wonders about his restraint
Realizing her folly ,’Oh! It wasn’t him at all’


#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

ooo, im first! goodie!!! um, ok, here goes. sleep deprivation or sexual frustration? i wonder , i wonder. or maybe,*gasp* those evil historical romances, that makes tasty brain mush to eat with their pages like allu gbi with chapatti? but nice poetry, even an un poetic person like moi appriciates it. i like it i like.

Vicky said...

nice poem. hmmm....do i sense deeper emotions here ? lol. and u do find nice stuff.

and glad that we have u posting more frequently now.

get a shoutbox. we ll do justice to it dont worry. and allow comment page to open in a pop up window.

Prabha said...

welcome to the club swathi.. the club which enjoys in dreaming without sleeping...is he unattainable to u? or u forcibly make him unattainable? I donno abt Hema malini, but for me u r a "Dream Girl"..happy dreaming..

Sagnik Nandy said...

another one missing the sleep train i see - you better pull the chain and take a break :)

Fatally Flawed said...

"Realizing her folly ,’Oh! It wasn’t him at all’ " - all the time...all the time!!! ;)

kiddin...beautiful and fantastic i must say

RT said...

Nice poem even for a non-poetry-philic characters as me. Strangely it reminds me of the non-existent SRK in paheli..:)

zombiee said...

fantastic.. absolutly fantastic.

Any "more" brevity would be injust.
the picture is lovely, but seems to me it stands without a frame. is it?

Swathi said...

offo! it wasnt either of those mentioned but tends to incline towards wat u call those romances ,yaa i am a die hard romantic tat way!

no dun dig deeper please...
yaa one of these days i wud have a tag board

nothing in this world is unattainable..
again itz jus a matter of perspective, i wud b glad even with those memories.

no no u r mistaken,it was one of those rare events when i sleep at such hours else i ensure i get my 8 hrs of beauty sleep :)

ah all the time,all the time.... u can say tat again

'am glad u liked it, of course it is 'bout the mayavi :)

thanx ,coming from someone who writes poetry in prose, must say 'am flattered. but wat was the frame u r alluding to?

Rohan Kumar said...

And so the search for 'Him' continues eh?, nicely penned

zombiee said...

WOHA... now dats a compliment i wont be letting go off in a long time.. thank u ~*bow*~thank u..
the frame i allude to is where the picture came from.

ShadowX said...

Just passing through, I'm liking the blog by the way..
Let me know what you think of mine.

Crouching Tigress said...

:) Nice. Story of my life.

Swathi said...

the search for the 'mayavi' never ends **sigh**

i thot thatz obvious, the picture has come from my imagination!

thanx for dropping by the Princess' realm, wud definetly check ur blog.

is it also ur story ? :D

Vicky said...

Since i dont like to break a lady's heart, lets make a deal.

i wont dig. and in return u get a cbox and keep updating ur blog frequently like this instead of once a week previously. :)

bolo. majoor hai ?

Thetis said...

nice poem indeed!

Vicky said...

now for the confusion.
i had commented -" do i sense deeper emotions in this poem "
and u replied - " dont dig plz"

so i thought u were talking about deeper emotions...but u could have been talking about tagboard too.

and thats why i said - i wont dig further ( refering to deeper emotions).

well...so much for the confusion. :)

√úbermaniam said...

tnk you for visiting. indeed, poetry is a beautiful thing. and i'm not afraid to say it. regards, dopppsy

Swathi said...

thx for all the explanation,i got it now :D i wud still think 'bout the c box :))

thx for visiting my blog, hope to see u around

of course poetry is beautiful.

gvenum said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and the comments. You seem to have a nice blog here...poems and all that..impressive:)

Ostrich said...

Nice! :)

Want to see more, Swathi!

Samba said...

The best piece I read in recent past. Recent past means about a week.