Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"For what avail the plough or sail, Or land or life, if freedom fail?" -R.W.Emerson

India, hailed as the world's largest democracy fails the very title.

I'm shocked to learn about the ban on sites like blogger,typepad and geocities by most ISPs (fortunately i'm at work and looks like thro' Sify I'm still able to access those sites, which is one good news). See accounts in Rediff, Economic Times and the latest posts on desipundit.

In other news, bloggers across metros in India have joined hands, hosting many helpful sites like Bloggers Collective and an organized protest at Wiki.

I just hope that this is one big mistake by those fools sitting on a pedestal inside the offices of DoT and we would resume our normal routine of blogging, commenting and of course squabbling over the comments, very soon.


anumita said...

Absolutely agree. You doing good? Will get down to doing the tag soon.

Crouching Tigress said...

I KNOW!!!!

Mr. J said...

It was one really foolish decision. Glad the ban is done with.

Howdy do

Deppe said...

hey nice quote!
If those jerks who rule us , lose their minds again use http://www.pkblogs.com/

Seashells said...

dont think u have to use pkblogs anymore... should be able to get thru directly :)

Swathi said...

yup 'am fine,when would i know the weird u?

guess it wudn't be too much of a hassle for ppl in France??

doesn't seem to be done, 'am still using pkblogs..

thx to pkblogs, i'm able to still access all blogs.

still unable to.. :(

Pallavi said...

Ok I missed that phase since I am back to blogging after quite a while.. :) how have you been ?