Thursday, July 13, 2006

"I prefer the most unfair peace to the most righteous war"-Cicero

Why do civilians suffer?
Why do inhuman acts target the innocent?

Is the world no longer a safe place?
Is this where mankind is headed?

Shattered lives of people...

When would peace prevail??

Kudos To the power of blogging - Mumbai Help


Twilight Fairy said...

(Off topic)
thanks for the wishes! Yeah Delhi roads and nearby highways are the best to indulge.
BTW new look! nice..neat.

Deppe said...

My pacifism was shaken till yesterday, but now I agree with Cicero again.

I must admit this template is better.

Mr. J said...

When would it end, is the question many have on their minds.

Yep, the power of blogging, was nice to hear about that.

Hows it going.

Swathi said...

@twilight fairy
tried my hand at different looks n finally settled with this one, njoy ur car driving experience...

i knew u'd agree with this template :)

wasnt it amazing the way the Mumbaihelp blog helped ppl across the world to reach their folks at Mumbai? whoever said blogging was useless had to eat their words!!!