Monday, May 14, 2007

Where is the credibility of freedom?

What was it that Rousseau said ? ‘Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains’ and looks like this adage is true to this day.

- Chandra Mohan, a student of the Fine Arts college, Baroda was arrested for (hold your breath) paintings which apparently hurt the (non-existent!) sentiments of some VHP and BJP activists. The paintings were not for public display but were exhibited for assessment for a MA in Fine arts.

“Chandramohan is being charged under sections 153A, 114, and 295 of the Penal Code for promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race etc, commiting acts prejudicial to the harmony of the public.
He was denied bail and transferred to Central Jail. Emboldened by this, BJP is demanding that all
faculty and students in the department be suspended or expelled. The University has also suspended Dean Shivji Panikker who publicly backed Chandramohan.”
(Courtesy: The Statesman)

Meanwhile All-India protests are underway against the assault on the student and callous attitude of the university authorities.

Date and time for all: 14th May, 2007, 6p.m.
New Delhi - Rabindra Bhavan
Mumbai - Jehangir Gallery
Vishakapatnam - Faculty of Fine Arts, Andhra University
Cochin - Kashi Art Café
Hyderabad - Fine Arts, S N School, University of Hyderabad
Bangalore - M G Road, opposite Gandhi statue
Santiniketan - Kala Bhavan
Guwahati - Press Club

Those attending are requested to wear black and/or white.

Peter Griffin has more details on this.


Rauf said...

Your Majesty ! yes read about it.

Man is in chains for various reasons and he is never free,
but this reason is absurd.
i do not know what the painting is all about.

Some people decide what you should wear, how you should behave, they act as moral police. We have a college in Chennai where boys are not supposed to talk to girls.

Now i feel like scratching my head Your majesty. its so hard to resist. i have to wait till morning to go seek permission from such saints.

' yes you are granted permission to scratch your head' BANG the big seal.

thank you Swamiji

What a relief ! i scratch my head with both my hands

Ah ! it is not clear if i can scratch my head in public

Swamiji can i ?

'NO' Bang the seal.

Case over

Lizza said...

It's appalling to learn of restrictions on freedom of expression, especially when it involves art and literature. Makes one wonder just what it is those in authority are so afraid of.

I hope you're having a great week so far, Princess!

Chimera said...

haahaa, so the question is why does one have to wait till morning and seek permission???

it is totally appalling, how is the scene in Phillipines?
so far the week has been good, esp. with work being really lax.

Rauf said...

Dear Sir,
This is to bring to kind notice that 28th May is the birthday of my girl friend. so on this occasion i would like to take her for a walk on the Marina beach.
i request you to kindly grany me the permission to hold her hand for a few minutes. Holding her hand in public means a lot to her and to me.
thanking you
yours faithfully

Dear Mr. rauf
You have taken the liberty of having a girl friend for yourself without any authorisation from the girls parents and from this holy office. Since this is a special occasion we can overlook your offence and grant you the permission to hold the hand of the aforesaid girl for 55 seconds. you have to maintain a distance of 34.5 centimeters from the aforesaid girl through a walk of 1.25 kilometers. As a special case we are granting a distance of 1.5 kilometers walk. We are warning you that our moral police in plain clothes will measure the distance
between you and the aforesaid girl at any point of your walk. You will be arrested if you try to get any closer or hold her hand longer than the permitted period or for any violation of our moral law.

Jagat guru Banana anand maharaj.

White Magpie said...

as long as the populace keeps expanding, we will have a lot of these time wasting stuff. no point in even giving it the time of the day..