Friday, May 04, 2007

Two cities and a river

Minneapolis did not extended a warm welcome to me –instead it was a cold one at minus 7 degrees even in April (statistics revealed that it was the first in 82 years that temperatures dipped in April)
Having heard about the Minnehaha Falls and the famous The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow my reaction was akin to someone who was handed a diet Pepsi when expecting a dirty martini.
If you are wondering why, see my picture below:

The sculpture garden had interesting works of art in metal and I walked all the way across the Irene Hixson Whitney Bridge just to read John Ashbery’s poem inscribed on it. And this photo below is my personal favorite considering the amateur status of my photography skills.

Think Mississippi river and you can’t help but remember Mark Twain which is infact a Mississippi River term "Mark number two” which means the second mark on the line that measured depth signified two fathoms, or twelve feet—safe depth for the steamboat.

The twin cities of St.Paul and Minneapolis are similar to Hyderabad and Secunderabad and that is definitely nothing to do with trafficJ. It is in the way that there is no exact line of demarcation between the cities and both seemed to merge into one another.
The St.Paul Cathedral close to the St.Paul downtown is a sight to behold and could easily compete with any of the famous cathedrals of Europe.
We had to cross the street to capture it’s glory on camera.

It was an all outdoor sights trip; other visits include Coon Rapid Falls, Mississippi Dam and of course how can a trip to the City of ten thousand lakes be complete without a lake? So took a long walk on the banks of Lake Calhoun stopping to admire kids making sand castles and men trying to hold on to their colorful sail boats.

A Collage of other photos of my trip is below and if anyone thinks of using it for things other than their desktop wallpaper you know whom to ask….


Tracey said...

You know I'm a sucker for photos...but I'm still hung on up MINUS SEVEN!!! That's too cold.

Szerelem said...

From the collage I like the picture of the river and the red truck!

And minus seven!!!! Holy crap...I prefer winter to summer but I wouldn't want to be anyplace thats minus seven!

Chimera said...

hmm.. was way far from what I had expected but i managed to survive :D

ah, the red truck belongs to the good samaritan American client who kindly took me around the sites that I have mentioned in this post.

photo_zombiee said...

- 7 .. woah.. now that was as cold it was in canada :) nice post. looks like a place thats a must visit. i like the red truck too.. are they polaroid shots? nice composition on the collage :)

TS said...

Nothing like diet pepsi on the rocks.

At least thats what the weight conscious teetotallers say.

Lovely photos.

Chimera said...

Minesota is the closesto the Canadian border, which explains similar weather conditions

ah, i prefer fruit juices to aerated drinks , that is why I add a dash of vodka to watermelon juice. :)

Crouching Tigress said...

Hey sup!

Crouching Tigress said...

Oh and last week, I had 7 glasses of champagne.

Vive le champagne!

Crouching Tigress said...

Make that last Friday hehehe. Ok, no more spamming, I promise!

Filarial said...

actually it was a warm welcome considering that it was averaging -20 c thru the winter.. nice post didnt know that peiece of history bout minehaha..

Chimera said...

sorry, i forgot to add that these aren't polaroid shots

ah, so mademoiselle has finally woken out of her slumber :)
did u say '7 glasses of champagne' ?

Chimera said...

i have noticed that ppl do not generally look up the sites in the places they live in, have known atleast two people born,brought up and currently living in Paris but haven't yet visited the Eiffel!

Rauf said...

Your Majesty, hope things are warmer now
please visit St.Paul again and take a picture from the same angle on a brighter day. it would be nice to see the difference.

i am sneezing after seeing your pictures
temprature shows 31 degrees C
12.30 after mid night very hot and humid
please have coffee
i'll also also have coffee coffee, black black
Kindly allow me to leave.
after typing OABKAUF in the word verification.

Lotus Reads said...

Never been to Minneapolis to I truly appreciated the pictures and the write-up. DOn't they also have the famous "Mall of America"? Do they have nice museums and other cultural activities? I ask because once a year I treat myself to a little cultural trip and was wondering if I should put St. Paul's on the list?

Chimera said...

'am now back in India getting roasted in good ole Hyd'bad.

@lotus reads
my mistake, i should have mentioned the most famous thing 'Mall of America' and also the Gunter theatre, i loved Minneapolis n i guess Summer is the best time to visit since you are anyway close to it.

A Reader from India said...

Lovely pics, the one of the Minnehaha falls is awesome. Must have been fun, visiting the land of Hiawatha and Huckleberry Finn.

Anonymous said...

the correct pronunciation is probably

mini ha ha (ha ha ha!!)

- s.b.

Chimera said...

@reader frm india
yup it was a fun trip esp. since work wasnt so hectic this time.

sorry, did not get the name, any help??
that was a good pun btw.