Monday, April 30, 2007

I thought Cinema Paradiso is the saviour of the good-movies-starved people of Hyderabad until I discovered that there isn’t a single DVD of any of those Oscar nominations and is this not reason enough that they should stop robbing people in the blazing daylights of Hyderabad?

But I’m glad I caught some of those my-kinda movies on the KLM flight
and I know you must be saying ‘come to the point ,lady’ so I proceed with my note on Notes on a Scandal.

Someone (don’t ask me who!) rightly said ‘I enjoy Solitude most of the time but I need someone to tell them that I enjoy it’ .
There is a subtle difference between solitude and loneliness and high school teacher Barbara only knows it too well.

Unlike Miss.Violet (of 36 Chowringhee Lane), Barbara Covett (Judi Dench) is not a kind troglodyte, she is a malicious woman who resorts to blackmail just to get some company in her shriveled and lonely life.

Barbara’s diary informs us of the new teacher Sheba (Cate Blanchett) who enters into the school of unruly 15 year olds and captures Barbara’s attention.
Barbara becomes watchful of her and capitalizes on the opportunity when Sheba has an affair with one of her young students, justifying the tagline of ‘One Woman's Mistake Is Another's Opportunity...’
Barbara is willing not to disrupt Sheba’s burgeoning family life - a teen daughter, an older husband and a son with Down’s syndrome, on the condition of undying friendship from Sheba. But Sheba is unable to give the kind of attention that Barbara forcefully tries to extract and that is when the scandal is out of the bag. I wouldn’t want to delve more details but rest assured that it isn’t about the affair between the school teacher and the 15 year old student but about how Barbara totally manipulates Sheba for some ulterior motives of her own.

The oscar-nomination-worthy performance by Dame Dench is one which would leave you with the dark bitter taste for the woman who is Barbara and Cate Blanchett is not far behind in matching the senior with her own acting prowess.

I know most people might want to give this movie a miss but I would recommend it for it’s taut script without actually making it an edge-of-the-seat thriller and of course it totally showcases the actor who is Judi Dench.

(btw, I had always wanted to blog from an airport and here I’m doing exactly that from my favorite Schiphol airport)


RT said...

Comments after ages!
Yet another globetrotting trip! :)
Sounds like an interesting movie to watch.. will probably hunt in commercial street..:)

A Reader from India said...

Sounds like a dark and disturbing film. I liked the quote you had mentioned on solitude and loneliness :-)

Chimera said...

yipeeeeeee, so glad to see u back, so does commercial street stock all movies commercial or otherwise? :)

@a reader frm india
I remember the quote from my English lecture's house when i was in college.

Anupama said...

Your writing is very interesting

Chimera said...


Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Chimera!

I saw the movie last night and was about to blog about it today. While it was a good movie, I have to confess I much preferred the book!
However, you are right about Judi Dench, she is such a brilliant actor, I would watch the movie a second time just to once again see how magnificently she brought the sad and lonely Barbara to life.

p.s. Will return for a longer visit.

Chimera said...

@lotus reads
yaa Dame Dench has indeed given a power-packed performance.