Thursday, April 12, 2007

The terrible Twos

I feel like a lousy husband who, on the verge of forgetting his wife's birthday,
rushes to the nearest Archies store to buy that last minute gift for 500 bucks with promises of diamond rings the next year.
So here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to my blog for turning two and yes baby, those diamonds which I promised have to wait .

And my blog is like a middle-aged housewife who desperately wants to participate in beauty pageants and resolves to exercise regularly, alas! it always goes the Wild(e) way (Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account.)

So she goes back to her siesta and dreams about those titles she would have won, which you would be surprised to read ; surprised because they are all self-declared!

Bestest Mushy Post: (Memories associated with Songs)
Sing me a memory

Creative Best: (A Roadmap of my culinary skills)
I cook the same way I dress - to Kill.

(Obsession with Calories)
I have never met a Calorie that I did not like.

Best of the Worst Tags : (a 55 word horror story)
The short-cut of a long story.

Maximum-Comments post : (Ghent-oh no, not an insect but a town in Belgium)
Quaint Lille Town

Best Birthday Gift: (first birthday post talks about my sojourns in Italy)
The Day I fell in love with David

Best Guess: (Can you guess the blog from the title?)
Death of heroes,pilots and fountains

I think the middle-aged woman is feeling happy and dreamy and perhaps she would after all participate in the Mrs.World event coming soon. Any suggestions for preparation?


Twilight Fairy said...

happy blog budday!

Lotus Reads said...

Happy birthday to your blog, enjoyed your post.

Here's to many more birthdays and anniversaries!

Chimera said...

@t. fairy

@lotus reads
lemme toast to what u just wished.

Deppe said...

happy birthday . I don't know how I missed this post !

Rauf said...

Greetings Your Majesty ! what a sweet blog this is. Sheer joy. Your kitchen experience made me roll out of my chair. You seem to be at the top of the world any given time. Thats quite an achievement which even Gates and Steve Jobs can't claim.

Eat Princess, this is the age to enjoy, why deny yourself the pleasures of nature ? Eat what you love, ice creams chocolates. besides, mother earth has plenty to offer. But eat without guilt. It is the guilt which causes problems and increases the size of your jeans not the food.
(it was hard for me to read, my eyes close and i shake vigorously when i laugh, nearly banged my head against the table, i banged my head against the stupid marble floor like a coconut a week ago, please don't worry the marble floor is doing fine, poor thing) Its all in the mind and attitude. i am a reckless eater myself (all roadside food, and i love Hyderabad) No guilt whatsoever.
i get into my old pair of jeans.
jeans of all sizes are available Princess, Don't worry.

i don't know when my wife's birthday is, She is not born yet. I'll remember your advise
can't afford diamonds, can't afford
even a boquet but i'll pluck some flowers from a park. Now you'd say
it is good that your wife is not born yet and hope she is never born. Any way Happy blog birthday and wish you all the joy and sunshine(not in Hyderabad) in the world and hope you would continue to delight us in the years to come. hope you get plenty of free time to write.

i am happy to be here Your Majesty !
i feel at home, though i am very crude and uncouth, have no clue about royal etiquette and my English is poor. This is going to be my favourite blog

iz said...

Happy happy. on ALL your achievements!

Chimera said...

now, u havent missed it.

ah, lemme see what i can write in response to ur long comment :

i know jeans of all sizes are available but there is nothing like getting into your age old jeans
- i bet it gives anyone a high if u are successful in getting into an old and unused jeans.

lol@not being able to afford even a bouquet :)
but then we have all joy and sunshine in Hyd , why not?

I hope I get plenty of free time too - for writing and other jobless things to do.
Is the word 'poor' redefined? :)


Rauf said...

Hi Princess,
I mean wishing you sunshine in Hyderabad and Chennai is not a blessing. We have too much of it already.
Redifine 'poor' ? here it is
I studied all my subjects like history geography science maths in Urdu, We still have Urdu schools in chennai but they are closing one by one as there are no students and no teachers. all after English schools. I loved it
I loved my school and I loved my urdu teachers. Studying in my mother tongue made me understand life better.
English came very late and it is still coming, on the way, it hasn't reached me.
other definition of 'poor' is
my English walks barefoot
third definition of 'poor' my English is begging on the streets.

BTW 'Daylight Again' is my active blog

krstiger said...

Hi Princess,
Intersting ones but the one i liked was the one on culinary skils although I pity the person eating!!
ur blog is intersting!

A Reader from India said...

Belated Happy Anniversary to you and your blog :-)

Liked all the earlier posts, especially the one on memories associated with songs. It brought back a few memories of my own.

Chimera said...

lol@ppl who r my guinea pigs..

@a reader frm india

RT said...

happy blogbday.
You make me feel guilty as my blog turned four sometime ago. and i cant remember celebrating it any time so far. :)