Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The shortcut of a long story

I know I'm not at all good at stuff like those listomania tags but this 55 word thingummy got me interested, I mean this might be the beginning of my venture into fiction, albeit a forceful one. Much thanks to Sagnik for honoring (read tagging) me n so I proceed (trumpets blowing in the background)

The Return of the Count
She was totally engulfed in his love,
Dreaming about that first kiss
Counting minutes to meet him
Waiting for him to arrive
And finally it happened
She moaned as his lips brushed her neck
And …Sudden silence
He looked back with gleaming teeth
Blood smeared on his lips
Her limp body at his feet...

In other news I got a mild shock when I finally discovered what my neighbors A and B, who are famous for being addicted to books, read! These pretty-settled-in-life-40-something women dig Mills and Boon, not that I have anything against those type of books but the thought that they assumed I also belonged to that league pained me no end.

As customary lemme pass this tag of 55 worded short story to Vigs , first rain , Anumita, RT and fatally flawed ,njoy maadi


First Rain said...

Hey I already got 55'd :D So for I once I have completed da tag. :o)

Eeeeeeks ! Vampires :O

Prakash said...

first time here..........from errrrr cant remember now.anyway nice bblog u have...
story was good...u should write a fiction.........am sur eu will be good at this..

Rohan Kumar said...

Grim, dark and blood smackingly fantastic :)

Vignesh said...

Oh dear... I have to write that up soon eh !e

~RAUL~ said...

The story seems so so familair. Yessss. Is it Ozzy Osbourne trying to bite a bat on the stage? Surely it is.
As for A & B, you can take your revenge by asking them to read any novel by "Ved Prakash Sharma". Just keep nagging then to read it and you yourself pretend to be a great fan. Rest will follow :) :)

RT said...

Have been tagged..!! Yikes..! Churning my grey cells for now..:)

Swathi said...

oh but i din find the 55 worded tale on ur blog , 'am I missing something?

thanx for dropping by , yes one of these days my attempts at fiction would be inflicted upon u guys .

Tank U

55 words is no big deal for U ...so the sooner the better

is this the Ved Prakash ,accused in the Shivani Bhatnakar's murder case?

yes gurlie, time to flaunt to talent :)

Twilight Fairy said...

OMG! MB's.. I have never read even one.. they suck.. n to think ladies read such stuff! one would think they are still not past their adolescence!

First Rain said...

My 55'er is here.

#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

uuuughhh, too much historical romance..... but uv got talent for that shit.

~RAUL~ said...

Now who is the shivani bhatnagar ? ? the girl from "tandoor kaand"? No the person I am talking about writes those idiotic hindi novels that we get on the bus stand/railways station. Go to any place in north and u'll get to see the truth. He's a legend there :)). So its time for A & B to know abt him.

zombiee said...

she lives through him. He surrounds her very existance now. He has helped her get out of the body to unify the mind and the soul. love is strength.

Senthil said...

Niiice and dark - you should definitely write more fiction.

Swathi said...

@twilight fairy
I read one MnB in college jus out of curiosity and with MnBs if u've read one,u've read them all

@first rain
now that u mention i do remember reading that one

i got talent for that kinda shit?? well well i must explore it then

oh 'nother case of mistaken identity, obviously not living in North India has itz consequences n this seems one of them

so is this ur 55 worded story?

tank u,tank u..., I shall try my hand at fiction soon

Vicky said...

and so now we see ur darkkkkkkkkkk side.
hehe, nice one.

zombiee said...

nope nope its coming...
the 32 nd wrd needs a new spelling.. so its coming :)the above was a humble comment :D

Swathi said...

or rather the diabolic side? :))

seems like 55 is not enuf for u ...

jemgal said...

i thot i was cool being able to sum up a phd work in 100 words. i admit ur 55er is much cooler!


Swathi said...

Thanx jemgal...shall visit ur blog soon