Tuesday, September 27, 2005

They dont make machines like that anymore ...

Every era has believed that the previous one was better.
Grandmothers thought that their grandchildren were ultra-modern and when the grandchildren became parents themselves they faced the generation gap once again...

Well you must be wondering what is the point of this rant ?
while I muse on that point, I would take the liberty meanwhile and make a punching bag out of this post.
No one likes dirty laundry lying about in the house -not when you are used to using a washing machine from when they started flooding the Indian market(due credit to Mommy and her fetish for gadgets of all sorts-useful or not)

So finally as I zero down on the point in question - the washing machine(n not the punching bag,silly).
Couple of weeks back my Whirlpool Fully Automatic XYZ aged 2 years and a few months conked off right in the middle of a full wash load of a week old jeans and bed spreads.
As a rule I'm quite tolerant to insults but not when made by a so-called 'smart' appliance.They seem to take their 'smartness' to their heads(or their engines,watever).
Now I could expect a huge phone bill end of this month -where is the connection?
Obviously the phone calls made to the service center would put any newly-engaged-to-be-married guy to shame.

Here is an example of a typical call I religiously place almost every alternate day

Me : hello, the last time I called you, you told me that you had placed an order for the door
XYZ :(from the whirlpool service centre) which door ma'am
Me : (to self:oh! the refrigerator door u duffer) of course the door of the washing machine
XYZ : but tell me what is the problem
Me : (to self: for the zillionth time I need to recount the problem) the washing machine door's lock is no longer functional....blah...blah..

One of these days I must remember to borrow that voice-recorder of my journalist friend and play it over to them (saves me some energy atleast)

Apparently the advertisements for employing the people in service centers these days cry out loud 'Only ppl with no brains need apply' and poor me not aware of this widely occuring phenomenon expects some miracle to occur and my washing machine restored to itz normal,self-respecting self.But they say it is too much to ask....

And to think that a semi-automatic machine costing just 6000 bucks in the 90s(our first at home) lasted a decade and more all I can say is
'They dont make them like that anymore'

Will my machine be restored? Will I need to shell out 'nother 21K n buy a new one? all these questions nag me while I look stupidly at the telephone since it is time to make the next call .....


zombiee said...

sacrilage....U wash jeans a week old.. Wel its the washing machines door, be greatful , for there is a phone number you can call. Imagine if its the maids door dats locked.

Rohan Kumar said...

I gotta confess the only thought running thru my mind when reading that post was imagining all ur office mates and all else who read ur blog going 'Hey u stink, no it must be ur clothes actually' as they doubled up laughing whenver they banged into u (and yes I am wierd) :)

Truth Fairy said...

Lol! Poor you. Hope your machine feels better soon. :)

Rat said...

Oh god these service ppl need to be whacked sometimes.

RT said...

Aww poor you..!! The first lesson taught to these call center and Service people is to pain the hell out of the customers. Hope your machine is fixed soon.

Swathi said...

if itz the maids door, we could easily bring it down....in the hindi-filmi style

that explains why I blow up so much dough on the Calvin Klein and YSL perfumes :)

@Truth fairy
fairies r suppossed to perform miracles, perhaps u can help me on this

if I could get hold of them , then I would prefer more than a lille whacking

yes it seems to be the second quality that they must possess to work in a service center

Saltwater Blues said...

hello Swathi, thanks for visiting the Blues.


#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

did the "kicking" trick work for the door? ahhh, well go on buggin them custom care.

Shradha said...

The next time u call those ppl, just mention 'Consumer court', my Mom always does that...It will assure u prompt service.(Even if u hav no intentions of going to the court)Good luck!

Vicky said...

old is gold. so maybe this machine is bad, but if u buy a new one, it might be worse.
hehe. hope its working now.

~RAUL~ said...

Maybe we should all form a gang and thrash that person from the service center. Is the machine alive now?

Weary Hag said...

Oh no... poor you! I hope kicking the door made you feel better. :)
I know what you mean about service centers - it's as if they are giving us the service for free!

Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving a nice comment!

I hope you get the washer fixed - it's so hard to live without modern conveniences.

Swathi said...

cudnt help but visit it

nope the kicking on the door soesnt work, perhaps it shud b kicking the service guys

bless mothers, if not for them the service centers wud b worse, wud remember to try that trick

old? a 2 n half yr one ??? even itz sheen hasnt gone yet

come over n help me in thrashing i wud reward u with some good home made food :)

i hope so too..

Anonymous said...

WOW sounds like you had a time of it. When I call whirlpool at 800-253-1301 it would apear they have thier own customer service line which has been very helpfull in the past but they do not have thier own technicians in the field but rather companies that have past requirements to do warranty work on thier units. Strong Whirlpool advocate-to bad WP had to get the brunt of this complaint. call them they are willing to help they have me.

susubala said...

I wish ur machine gets well soon...

Swathi said...

wonder who u r!and does this number work from India?

abhi tak to no signs of it getting well...