Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My flirtations with Haiku

Haiku - the first time I heard the term I thought it was some sort of an exotic East Asian Dish but was soon enlightened that it was a form of Japanese Poetry.

So my feeble attempts at haiku has borne fruit finally

her arms were around him
as he carried her
-to the hospital bed


Vignesh said...

Hmm... nice haiku... sad moment though ?

#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

what an exciting range of possiblities!!!!! she could be dead, dying, pregnent, or just passed out. or could be an exhausted inter being laid down, sleepn by a thotful colleague for a 1/2 hr break sleep, or be the ghost of a husband and wife haunting the hospital after the husband commited suiside after the wife faild to survive ER..... i could go on!!!! amazing.

Arvind said...

oooo (o as in loo)... anti-climax, what?

Pip Pip,
Arvind, grinning wickedly

~RAUL~ said...

my wicked mind says its cool...
on a hospital bed...reminds me of the friends episode...where rachel has a baby and chandler and monica go off in one of the hospital rooms...is the poem inspired from this ?

Crouching Tigress said...

Man, you are obesessed with Haiku arent ya? :)

Fatally Flawed said...

Haiku - obsessive compulsive disorder :D

Good one :))

RT said...

hmm.. nice haiku..!
Very not-so-feeble attempt..:-)

Swathi said...

yup u got the sentiments right

i can add some more to ur list of possibilities
- doctor n nurse having an affair
- a man jus carrying an accident victim
- a male nurse carrying a patient
- a father carrying his 5 yr old who is just going to get operated .....

yup i do get such pleasure in writing anti-climax stuff (stuff that we generally encounter in real life) n thx for the tips on the pronounciation :)

no no itz not inspired by that episode (n I realize that it is one of those episodes I'd missed :(

actually i was obssessed with the fact that I cant write a single,decent bit of haiku

noooooooo...this is my first genuine haiku

tank u... tank u...

Vicky said...

good work.
u should write more.

n.g. said...

to the HOSPITAL bed?

that was a bit of a low-ku.

zombiee said...

superb. if this is ur first atempt. I m waiting to hear more. u seemed to have even wrked/readup the rules bit.

Fatally Flawed said...

I was referring to myself :P

Sujit said...

Too good... in the first attempt.. that increases the expectation to read more of your.. haiku

Swathi said...

yaa i do try hard

itz the way u look at it

i thot reading 'bout it would help but it hasnt actually


oh! now i get it ***shakes her head *****

if my first attempt is so good, wat 'bout the rest???

zombiee said...

abraca dabra- appear..!!
say something. atleast a blank post.
reply to the comments,.
where are you.
has the nawab restrained you?

zombiee said...

oh! u did reply .. oops
no sightednes:)
yeah i kinda know wat u sayin abt readin up didnt help.

gvenum said...

" looking to leave a mark
he came here
- to the haiku-landmark"

Rhyming Haiku...Say it is...Pehlease:)

Swathi said...

i'm sorry for the late rply, cant say got held up - perhaps it was sheer forgetfulness

now if u insist,I shall say 'Of course it is' :-)

pallavi said...

never tried it myself.. but like reading it.. :)

Swathi said...

u must try it sometime n I bet u wud come out with xcellent haiku