Friday, September 16, 2005

A Tag for the blogger's block

I think Tags have been specially designed for people (ok, all I meant was me)
who, even after long hours of staring at the screen, at the next cubicle or the artificial plant near the window, cannot put a word to the keyboard.

I know it would be boring to read the below list of 5 things 'bout me but in case you still insist u can read further at your own risk and if you complain I can only say 'I told you so'

5 years ago:
Reading the Autobiography of Agatha Christie made me realize that what we remember over a period of time are not dates or years but memories, incidents and strangely the sights and smells.
so picking one incident out of the random stack (of memories)

A : Have you watched Sarforosh?
Me: (snobbish look) ah you know I don’t care too much
for a commercial flick
A : since we dun have any plans, let us tune in to it
4 hours of Sarforosh in between commercial breaks and
lesson learnt - 'Never judge before you know'

1 year ago:

Introduce all those fresh-out-of-college-girls at office to the pub scene at Hyd'bad,
never imagined I would play 'mother goose' this soon in life ***sniff**sniff**

5 songs I know all the words to:

all words??? "Surely you must be joking,Mr..."
but I do recollect a few words of so many songs, like this one
na jaane kyun hota hai yeh zindagi ke saath
nak yeh man kiski jaane ke baad ,
kare uski yaad choti choti si baat

5 Snacks I enjoy:
I think I've mentioned it way too often (that even I'm bored to type it)
'I have never met a Calorie I did not like'

5 Things I'd do w/ $100 million dollars:

Take the first flight to Las Vegas (n the money would take care of itself)

5 places I would run away to:
frankly I'm only thinking of one place now - home after getting done with this list and if I include the pubs on the way they would be the remaining 4

5 things I would never wear:
Anything false
- wig (unless I go for chemotherapy)

- plastic jewellery (the popular Nadia-type)

- animal prints (looks outrageous esp. in India)

- tattoos (unless I have to do a baby-doll-like dance)

and of course
- a smile ('am not counting those smiles reserved specially for nosy neighbors)

5 favorite tv shows:
I could make this short and sweet by saying the serials of Ms.K Kapoor (which is way beyond 5 btw)
but unfortunately I haven’t watched many of them (if you don't include the passive watching courtesy Mummy)
I don’t watch much of telly but 'Friends' and 'Ally McBeal' figure in this list

5 greatest joys:
now if only I could count my joys so easily and manage to stick to the figure 5,

the wind in my hair, fresh flowers, colorful hues of paints,
summer showers, smell of rain drenched earth, remarkable reading,
chocolates n ice creams, shop till I drop, playing with kids, sunny skies,
magnificent mangoes,cool winters, fall colors, lazy weekends, Sunday noons,
friends n foes, graceful dancing, jhatpat cooking, soulful lyrics,
old hindi songs, desi khanna, luscious lavender, winding roads, soft snowfall, rustic accessories, fabulous clothes, dangerous living...

5 favorite toys:
Since this question is included here knowing well that most of the target audience are at least 16 and above I guess they were referring to a different sort (now here is an opportunity to get wild with your imagination) but lemme not scandalize innocent folks so
I’d stick to the usual gurrrlie stuff like teddies and more teddies

now I come to the best part which is reserved to the last,
pass it on to unsuspecting victims like vicky, tigress , truth fairy , zombiee and fish hater ***exit with a evil grin***


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~RAUL~ said...

At last PC writes something. But rather than "5 fav TV shows", "5 fav movies" would have been a better tag.

Truth Fairy said...

Lol! Oh, you are evil!! :-)
But I'm glad you tagged me. I like answering these Qs better than listing the number of books I own, blah blah...

Btw, turn your word verification on dude! You've got spammers swarming all over ya!

Fatally Flawed said...

very you are used to these sorta' tags eh?
Actually you've been tagged by me...check my blog :)

Rohan Kumar said...

Thnx for doing the list, u missed Desperate Housewives from ur TV show list :)

Vicky said...

so i have been tagged. gr8. will carry out ur orders within 48 hrs time, ur highness.

btw, kindly allow me to return the favour. do visit my blog to know more.*evil grin*.

and is it possible to turn the "word verification" off ?

#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

***gasp!*** meanie! u yagged me, i mean tagged me! but prey tell what tag it is? i mean what exactly do i hav to write?

Crouching Tigress said...

Just F5ing, and I am even more shocked! You have a kid? You like a MOM? WHOAH!

Swathi said...

yaa 5 fav movies wud've bin better but kya karen had to stick to the original tag :)

@truth fairy
glad u like tags like this, thx for the input on the word verification

yaa itz the tag week I guess, another one of Sagnik's is waiting as well.

havnt watched another episode of DH after the initial 2 so i din count that

wud visit ur blog definetly but sorry if i turn off the word verification the spammers get here in no time

itz ur call u can write anything under the sun xcept that it has 2 b in the list of 5 watever ... njoy

nope i'm not a MOM (not yet :)) tatz my nephew in the pic