Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Are we clinically detached?

There is a moment in this video of a student, who supposedly saved many lives by barricading the door at the Virginia Tech University , when questioned whether he is a hero, does not answer but bends his head down as tears well up in his eyes and I suddenly found tears in my eyes too – all these young people with dreams in their eyes squashed like mosquitoes in a jiffy just by some lunatic and obviously left me to deal with questions swarming my mind about life and death.

Meanwhile Chris Floyd , says that ‘Tragedy in America is Normality in Iraq’ – but aren’t these mutually exclusive events? Sorry, but I do not seem to share the sentiments of this gentleman.

The Virgina Tech incident does not belittle any other tragedies occurring around the globe.
For someone watching the news I think whether it is people getting killed in Iraq or Virginia, it produces the same reaction – anger at people who are responsible for it and sympathy for the victims – unless people have become so clinically detached that another mass tragedy is just an addition to their coffee-break discussions at office.

What do you think?


Kavs said...

A tragedy is tragedy. It's neither bigger nor worse than another. But sad as it may sound, we have indeed become so insensitive to the suffering and pain of others.

Lotus Reads said...

Although I agree a tragedy is a tragedy, I think when something happens so often it loses some of its bite...I don't know what it is about us humans and whether this is a "coping" mechanism or what, but we do get desensitized to tragedies to a certain extent,especially when they occur repeatedly.

Chimera said...

agree with u - a tragedy is a tragedy no matter what, when we just think we have become insensitive, there comes an incident to say 'hey, u haven't'

@lotus reads
hmm...i think it is another of those immune mechanisms that we become desensitized but this incident really moved me to tears.

zombiee said...

i do agree with you on not sharing sentiments with chris floyd. We are today at the mercy of anybody who vields a weapon. its truely unfotunate that the value of life has dropped to insginificance. may Tv and Cinema violence has desentised us to quite a bit on the killings, but when we hear a live account it moves us all. We no matter how disconnected do get moist in the eyes. and for those who lost some one even though just an aquintance, they cannot but help think what a waste of that lovely life. Prayers to their families for courage and peace in these awful times.

Chimera said...

long time no see,
yaa yaa **nodding my head in agreement to what you say***

Deppe said...

I can't say I disagree with Floyd there. He has a point there, doesn't he? I was thinking about it...It really is true: the lives at Mustansiriya University are cheaper than those in Virginia Tech. It's disturbing.

Chimera said...

i guess it is a debatable topic, i feel the same anguish while reading about both the topics and as to journalists, I can't generalize but perhaps they might be indifferent to both but not like sensitive to one news and not bothered about the other.