Monday, April 18, 2005

Finally a play -"Final Solutions" by Mahesh Dattani

I'm happy that Bangalore does offer a few mercies -like theatre for instance.
A theatre enthusiast wud find Hyderabad as dry as the Sahara ,so trying to look at the brighter side of my state of affairs(obviously of being badly stranded in Bangalore) i took refuge
in a play.
"Final Solutions " by Mahesh Dattani -winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award beckoned me and i fell hook,line and sinker!
A fine and warm Sunday evening it was when I started on my way to Nani's arena (don't mistake it for some boxing ring, it is a haven for the arty sorts).
People who appeared to be the 'elite' met my eye when I landed there - whoever said that the "beard doesnt make the philosopher" have to eat their words- here was a conglomeration of people who smelt of art - the women wearing sarees and dressed in ethnic fare, the men with the kurta and jute bags completed the look.I looked lost in my jeans n a funky top! anywayz that dint stop my entry does it?
The place was a small one which would accomodate only 'bout 50 odd ppl but the lighting and acoustics suggested that this is one place ideal for a play.
Well let me finally come to "Final Solutions" -this play focuses on a serious problem plaguing our nation today - communal violence.The play is about a simple Hindu family who are suddenly faced with lot of questions when 2 Muslim guys seek refuge in their house during the communal riots.This begins the quest for the truth of their beliefs by the father,mother,daughter and Bha(the grandmother).The story is juxtaposed deftly between two time periods - the present and the past and finally throws light into the beliefs of even those who consider themselves very liberal minded!this is some serious food for thought.
As to the performances, the roles of Ramnik,Bha and Javed are commendable.The girl who played the young housewife is also very sweet and adds lighter moments to this otherwise serious play.
All in all i must say it wud appease the taste buds of any theatre-goer.

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Vignesh said...

Ahh !! Our first review !! Neato !! I was in that play, one of the chorus. Glad you enjoyed it !! I shall let the concerned members of the cast know that they were much appreciated !

Blore has a really hot theatre scene ! And looks like you are starting to enjoy it already !

Anyhoo.. plans of coming around to RS this weekend for 'Madness' ? Promises to be a good show ! Let me know if you need tickets or such...