Wednesday, April 20, 2005

sweet reminiscences of a chweet encounter

preserved in my memory forever....
(Warning: Plagiarists steer away from my poem,'coz itz not the poem i'm worried 'bout but my memories which tag along with it)

One day in an alien land
I look up and the sky seems grey
grey as in the sadness of death
felt the night in between the day

but that did not make me sad
instead i stood mesmerised
i luked at the clouds almost kissing the earth
there was silence on my lips

cant you see me dancing
oh how could you -it was my inner self!
i could feel the wind caress my face
the droplets becoming rivulets

caught completely unawares in the downpour
i managed to save myself from the prying eyes of the world
i shiver while the water drips from my hair

so long after i'm back in my land
i look towards the sky
and search for those wandering clouds
which wud revive my memories again...

my mind dances
my heart races
someone please stop it there!
I look outside the window,
The raindrops lash the glass panes,
I go back to my sleep
With those sweet dreams on my eyelids...........

(I think i titled this poem "In search of the cloud")


Vignesh said...

Nice ! If I have a penny for each time Ive woken up with a dream pasted on my eyelids... !!

Crouching Tigress said...

:)Girl, Enchanting!

Swathi said...

hi tigress
am glad u liked the poem