Wednesday, April 13, 2005

read at ur own risk (I mean boredom)

I thot i hate blogs ( no offence to all those regulars out here)- the very thot that someone is creeping into the crevices of my innermost thots gives me the gitters!
but wat changed my opinion ?? (a very interesting story ; read on if u dun have anything better to do)
wat is life which does not have an impossible dream in it??-n So my dream is to publish my own book - to tell a story that no one had ever told before.(whether the buk wud get sold or lies asleep in the top most rack, is another Q altogether!)
ok ok before you start cursing me lemme come to the point - itz bin so many yrs since I have been harbouring this thot but am not moving anywhere close to even choosing the plot of my buk,so i thot a lille pratice(at writing obviously) wudn't hurt .
Now haven't I bored u enuf??? but I did warn u

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