Friday, June 24, 2005

the mind of an unmarried woman

Finally I gave up resisting the urge of writing ‘bout Parineeta.
A gud lesson I learnt is never to watch a movie after reading like a zillion revus on it, but cant help it, usually I’m one of those who just manages to take a peek before the movie leaves the theatres. Going by those standards, it is still ok.

Itz an okey dokey, once watchable type of movie but what I missed most was the total lack of romance in it (please don’t mention the scenes of passionate love making)
Wat I mean is watever happened to woh nazare churanaa, sharmana , nakhre karna, musukurana type of romance? Devdas scores high on those points.

Sanjay Dutt n Dia Mirza were big turn offs of the movie. Sanjay Dutt looked old enough to be Vidya Balan’s father.
Hope VidyaB is not a one movie wonder n we get to see more of her.
Also this flick got me thinking ‘bout overhauling my wardrobe –include more of salwaar suits esp. those with low-cut backs hanging on for their dear life onto some kinda “dooris”(strings).

These lines of Galib from this movie refuse to leave the bylanes of my memory

hum saans lethe hai to charcha ho jaata hai
woh katal bhi karte hai to kabhar nahi hoti


arvindiyer said...

WOW...those lines at the end stole ur post..awesome and I love almost all the songs from the movie..
Props for the post!!!

#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

hey, u gotta agree, the ovies gonna win best breakthrough film for its ending no?

Sagnik Nandy said...

i love vidya balan. can someone please tell her that???

Prabha said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog :)
btw am planning to watch Parineeta tonight..lets see how it is..anyways me heard similar reviews

Rabin said...

Dia Mirza a turn off? is she plastic fantastic too?

RT said...

Yeah.. Agree about Sanjay Dutt there.. He really looked Ms. Balans's dad..
But I went for the movie with 0 expectations (you know, Sarathchandra chatterjee-like-tragic end )..and found it quite nice actually mush or otherwise..:-)

Swathi said...

songs r enchanting esp. luved the "raat hamari toh"

u bet that the end spoiled the otherwise beautiful movie

someone wud also tell M (the one who shall not be named :))

so did u njoy the movie?

yup Dia Mirza is a bigger turn off than Ash

i went to the movie with lotza expectations n then u know the story...

Me said...

Hindi movies.. gah!!

zOmBiEe said...

sheesh why sledge at ash :)

Swathi said...

yup Hindi movies r gah... or arrg! but they r inevitable

seems like 'ther of Ash's fans eh?

zombiee said...

*~blush~* ~sigh~ *~nod~nod~* yea yea.. as long as she doesnt act ;) ♥¿♥

Übermaniam said...

nice lips. drop by and tell me what you think of my...writing. ubermaniam.

Crouching Tigress said...

Hey are bloddy had dopppsy drop by and leave a comment! Fuck, some ppl have all the luck..*sigh*

Swathi said...

if u meant Vidya Balan's lips -well i din notice
n if the comment was on mine -well... guess the fotograph is very much unlike me!
am checking ur blog ...

well,well... pardon my ignorance but watz the big deal 'bout dopppsy leaving a comment?

Crouching Tigress said...

Read his will know

Übermaniam said...

tnks for the kind words. do come again. i'll do the same. pretty, a lot like angelina jolie.

Übermaniam said...

and it's the pout that keeps making me come back to me. tnks for dropping by jolie fille. uber.

Handa said...

the correct sher is....
"hum aah bhi lete hain to ho jaate hain budnaam,
woh qatl bhi kar dein to shikwa nahin hota...."

Swathi said...

u do write gud fiction.

thx for pointing to the original...
(wondering how u dropped by my blog??)

Arvind said...

i think the movie is very good... Siaf was just great. You dont seem to have liked the movie very much.
Yeah... i also ahve this habit of taking a peek, as you call it, at the movie reviews. My favorite haunt for that is rediff.

pip Pip,

Swathi said...

it isnt as if i din like the movie but when someone has read too many revus of it ..u'd go with expectations touching the sky ...guess u get the drift..

rediff revus..hmm.. never bin my haunt.

The Phoenix said...

Hey Princess, check out my blog at

I've done a post on Parineeta too, apart from other things. Let me know what you think.

Lost in trance... said...

...they HAD TO do the "thod whatever(Shekar, wazit?) thod" scene at the end...aaarggghh...

ssteppenwolf said...

Well, Handa is wrong too. The correct sher is :

"Hum aah bhi bharte hain to ho jaate hain budnaam,
Woh qatl bhi kar dein to charcha nahin hota...."

Swathi said...

njoyed reading ur thots on "Pari...Neat,huh?"

Swathi said...

yaa the end was a lille stupid considering the tone of the film.

well..well.. another version, guess this is the correct one ,thanx

steppenwolf said...

Its steppenwolf, not stephenwolf.

And you are welcome :)

Swathi said...

oops, am sorry 'bout the spelling.

btw dont u blog?if yes then blog site plz