Thursday, June 30, 2005

the broken Wings of a Butterfly

no happiness holds me high
like that of the eternal light
none other do I seek as I fly
when there's hinderance in the flight

do i near the light emerging
i can feel the smell of fire
seductive appear'd the flame flickering
as i flew into the unsuspecting ire

unawares was i caught
as i smelt the burning wings
my life has gone wrought
as i let go of it without any strings

(song am thinking of ....
Baadalon Se Kaat Kaatke,
Kaagazon Pe Naam Jodna
Yeh Mujhe Kya Ho Gaya?)


nin said...

If you keep writing the poems I'll keep reading them. Poetry is something I've never been able to write, and I admire your ability to bring images to life in such succinct prose.

Keep it up!

All the best,


#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

hey, im not very poeticat all, more of a story kinda gal... but seemed to me that u were either decapitating a dragonfly or observing a moth(eeew!*shudder*) irritating u near ur candle during a powercut. lol... nice poem tho....

zombiee said...


nin said...

Thanks for visiting my site.....
take care....

Crouching Tigress said...


~RAUL~ said...

Well Swathi,
Its good to write about some songs that are close to ur heart. Thats why i wrote about 'tujhse naaraaz nahi'.
Btw, the hindi para is too good. U penned it ?
Since when did u start writing so good. I never knew this when u were here...or is this the Blore effect ?

Swathi said...

thx for those compliments on mi poetry.

u seem to have caught the mood of the poem but then there was an underlying emotion too ..

thx (n me thinks that Great ppl think alike -on ur posting on butterfly the same day as mine)

thanx a ton

hey no,i'm not gonna let B'lore take the credit of my writing abilities...
nope i write poetry but not in hindi (that song is from movie "Satya")

zombiee said...

ô¿ô er! º¿º hehe great ppl..

Übermaniam said...

tnks for dropping by, and asking. i have my other posts. do cinema halls show all the movies they have shown? they only show what's current. cheers and...nice lips ;-)

Übermaniam said...

nice ear-rings too.

Übermaniam said...

incidentally, why specify your gender? isn't it pretty and obvious? ciao.

Fatally Flawed said...

beautiful poem

vicky said...

nice one. u write good. hope to be seeing more from u.

Sharanya said...

Very deep and angsty! :)

fiona said...

wow, u a good poet too!

Swathi said...

@dopppsy aka Avinash
but then wat 'bout all us poor souls who derive out of reading ur older posts??(jus like watching re-runs of FRIENDS)

@fatally flawed
thanks for visiting my realm.

hoping to see more from miself too :))

did u say angsty?? wow! thatz a wonderful compliment for my poem.

now this is wat i call "Discoverer's discovery"

vicky said...

how did i end up on ur blog ? hmmm...i dont really know. most plausible ans is thru n thru someones blog. the blog world is so interconnected.
and would be happy to see u more on my blog..coz i am definitely coming back to see more from u. :)

livinghigh said...

hey swathi.. thanx for coming by livinghigh. lovely poem. it's kinda sad... but very sensuous. ;-) c ya around.

#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

hey ever tried watermellon juice with vodka? its works man! like takin a short cut to high-dom by hanging upside down from a tree!

Übermaniam said...

why bother with the past, is all i can say. and...ur anything but a chimera. tnks for dropping by. btw, nice...oh, never mind. u already know. cheers uber.

Primalsoup said...

I concur with Sharanya, most existential like!
Though, though, though... you ought to not be angsty, it ain't worth it.
Nice one though, let me wade through the archives now! :)

Swathi said...

i sorta xpected this answer..

sad yet sensuous ?? if u say so :)

hey my favorite juice with my favorite drink - never tried that combo n now i'm dying to...(only hitch 'am in office)

how can i miss on all those wonderful words waiting to be read?

am delighted that u dropped by.yaa it isnt worth it i know but then...

twisted_humor_inc said...

am still new to blogger - can't we communicate via e-mail?? mine is: