Tuesday, June 21, 2005

when did the weekend (i meant the weekend end?)

so i had this nice,long 3 day weekend(when the rest of the world is having only a 2 day weekend) an additional day as a special treat to self for visiting Hyd'bad after a loooooong time.

besides a whole lot of things which cant b blogged 'bout,I caught up with
* Aruna (on all things not covered on our long mails)
* chatting on y msgr (if u want to know how much u r missed come online after a long haitus)
* making geometrically correct shaped dosas (hoping they do not come out as big idlis)
* movie Kaal (drooling over someone named John A)
* rounds of Smirnoff (exit exotic cocktail with no hints of alcohol and switch back to gud ole vodka)
* long drives on necklace road (dun forget to bring in additional calories on ur way back)
* fights with Mom (all time favorite time pass)
* TDS (for the uninitiated my fav hangout -Ten Downing Street)
* pamper self by visiting the parlour (both the beauty n the ice cream variety come under this category)

cut to the present,
back to B'lore ,trying to get over n out with the Hyd'bad Blues


Vignesh said...

Welcome back !!! The way you make it sound, I really want to visit Hyderabad sometime soon !!!

zombiee said...

Welcome back !! the way you make it sound i really wish I want to visit Hyd º¿º , hehe just kidding. I had a horrid time.. a few years ago. But im sure with the right people and in right places sure one can feel like the "Nawab"
OR the Nawabi for sure.

Swathi said...

yaa u must visit Hyd, it rox.

horrid time? oh! like i'm having here@B'lore I can imagine :)

Sagnik Nandy said...

i just wanna visit India. it is totalllllly painful to have people narrate wonderful stories of pampering from home :((

Swathi said...

the way u r awake at IST, u might as well b in India :))
yaa i can imagine,i missed all things Indian(including the dirty roads) the last time i was in the US of A.

Crouching Tigress said...

Home is home is home!! So I can empathize with ya. Almost every part of me wants to be in Bangalore now(tis home for me :P) hehehehe. Fights with mom babe, seriously miss those! TDS eh? Interesting..If I can keep away from Y! for 12 hours straight, it will be an achievement for me..ok why are my comments so long on ur blog? Sorry :P. Me never been to Hybad. Hmm..

zOmBiEe said...

heheh. supprised you are havin a not so rocking time in blore. But i guess its the "Nawab" n the Nawabi that you miss ;-)

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

smirnoff! thats the right choice ! aha! :)

Swathi said...

but i do njoy ur loooong comments (kasam se :))

home is where the heart(h) is!

thx to ur infitesimally small memory i heard u ask fiona "who the hell is Swathi!", btw,welcome to the Princess' Realm.

#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

hey, i can totally agree and support ur decision to come back to smirnoff, girl. thats the right stuff.

zOmBiEe said...

BINGO ! º¿º

First Rain said...

Hi! n nice to see ur having fun. Keep rocking!

Swathi said...

yup yehi hai right choice ...babie :)

how do u do that ? (inverted, **wonder** wonder**)

fun till my next trip to Hyd.

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

hey! i was just confused! wasnt sure it was the same chimera ! :-D

/me ducks

Me said...

Hyderabad.. hmm.. boring. I'm bored here. Well, I'm usually bored EVERYWHERE, but I'm bored here too...