Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fish outta water?

I was sitting, sipping a cuppa garam chai in my cafeteria,when I heard something, which I faintly recogonized as giggles, from the nearby table.
N whom do I see? A Krishna with gopikas -yes a single guy surrounded by 6-7 girls and I couldn’t help but hear their topic of discussion, they were really loud. (So I can’t be accused of eavesdropping)

Can you guess what their topic was? I bet Not in your wildest dreams 'coz they were discussing piercing (yes you heard me right) - nose and ear piercing (to be precise)
-how (gun shot, jeweler..) ,when(when I was 6 ,last month…) and what is the best place in town.
Now had this crowd been entirely a girl gang I would’ve passed it off as jus 'another' of those discussions but seeing a lone guy in their midst piqued my curiosity so I slowly watched the guy (of course out of the corner of my eye) -he seemed thoroughly embarrassed, was squirming in his seat and making all kinds of facial expressions but since he was given a royal ignore, finally he chose the safest option out, started making calls on his cellphone!
Boy! My heart just went out to him –
which reminds me of other such similar situations :

cute girl trying to impress mr.John Abraham look-alike with her dancing abilities and the footwear snaps

girlfriend A's usual mail to her boyfriend B bitching 'bout the boss and she accidentally sends it to the boss himself (actually heard this happen to my friend)

Y saying not so pleasant things about a person Z blissfully unaware of Z's presence behind.

dial a number by mistake you din't mean to –now you can’t say "well I wasn’t meaning to talk to you"

N this one featured in the Hyderabad times takes the cake -
women sporting backless top and the bet is on "what if the clasp comes off!"

***Shudder***hope we dont ever land up in such embarassing spots.


vicky said...

me first...yipeeee.:)

vicky said...

well...sad for the one caught in such a situation, but enjoyable ( a lil bit cruel) for those watching. hehe
and i was right. u post once a week. hmmm

saba said...

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~RAUL~ said...

One embarrasing situation I landed in was when I was in the office loo and my phone suddenly rang. It was an interview call and the person asked me where I was and whether he can take the interview...I told him I was in the pantry. Never knew there were others behind me laughing. Gosh that was one very stupid moment.

Alter said...

What about a crowd of people who lead you to imagine flatulence is contagious and then you end up waiting in the corner for someone to yawn?

Crouching Tigress said...

Body piercing is hardly a girl thing! Even during Chanakya's time, men had pierced ears. Did I tell you abt the cutest guy who has a nose stud? Carries it off so well..yummy! Lol..I digress as always Swathi.

And I have dialled the 'wrong' no and said I didnt mean to call them!
Oh backless top..err..yeah better be careful abt that one!

Ostrich said...

Well, there is a price to be paid for being the only Kishen amidst the Gopis! :))))

But... ummm... discussions of piercings... that is too much of a price to pay, me thinks! :)

Manish Bhatt said...

dial a number by mistake you din't mean to –now you can’t say "well I wasn’t meaning to talk to you"

Guilty, m'lord, er, m'lady.

RT said...

talking about someone unaware that he is right behind has happened not once, but times too many with me..:-)
And the boss email thing has happened too once with a friend of mine.. Thankfully, the boss was too stupid to understand since there was no proper noun used.. But then arent all bosses that?:-)

Swathi said...

i'm gonna prove u wrong, very soon :)

i dun mind ur comments but(kintu,parantu)i cant promise my 100% participation in ur blogawards.
(njoyed reading ur posts)

lol! n the Oracle loo is where conferences r held, right? :D

well i was speaking of the conventional girlie talk n a guy with a nose stud n still managing to look cute - i must see him, wherez he btw?

n the guy acted smart i thot -tatz when cell phones seem to b a boon.

@ manish
it used to happen to me pretty often when i hadnt yet learnt the art of locking my cell fone

yup itz only 'coz of such dumb bosses we survive (n talking 'bout dumb bosses i currently have a Sard as a boss,need I say more?) :))