Wednesday, July 13, 2005


(Disclaimer - for all those who thought Paheli was a chick-flick or worse it's just 'nother of those stupid fantasy movies -puleeeze get back to your work/studies/college/browsing or to whatever u were doing before.)

I'm not a major TeeVee buff but the minute I hear the sound of an Amol Palekar movie then I stop whatever I'm doing (some of the aforementioned things) and stay glued to the idiot box. I mean i dont mind watching a re-run of GolMaal, Gharonda, Choti Si Baat or Baaton Baaton Mein instead of some stupid movie called "Kuch Kuch something something.."

Who else but Amol Palekar could make me courageous enough to endure SRK's histrionics and also appreciate Rani's non-existent beauty! BUT No Regrets ...

The story for a change is - ghost meets girl, ghost falls in love, ghost gets the girl and they live happily ever after!
Laachi (Rani Mukerjee) is the newly wed bride of Kishan(SRK #1).
She is just like any woman -with a million (nope, make it a zillion) dreams in her eyes when she enters her marital world. Alas! All Kishan seems to be interested is Money and sets off to some faraway land for 5 looooooong years.
Enter the frendly ghost (SRK #2, yes Casper does have a competitor) who takes the form of Kishan and enjoys marital bliss with Laachi, until the real one (confused??i mean SRK #1) returns n claims that he is the real Kishan.

Well the point here is not the story (ok, at least not for me) but a woman's eternal search for her perfect man.
Also I like the way the audience is manipulated -they actually starts believing that the ghost is the ideal partner for Laachi.
Imagine instead of a ghost had Laachi had an affair with another man, just because her husband does not live upto her expectations, then the moral police would have brought up their cudgels; but camouflage it with a hubby-look-alike and we have people enjoying the romantic antics of the ghost and wishing fervently that the ghost gets the woman in the end.

Kudos to Mr.Palekar for bringing the beauty of Rajasthan to celluloid -
Colorful Rajasthani dresses, ethnic folk music, amazing choreography and lovely colors of the desert it is indeed a visual treat for the eye.
I only wished that he could have done away with horrors like Sunil Shetty (he seems to grow uglier with each movie-wonder whatz the secret!)

Seems the good ghosts have entered Bollywood finally or shall I say the ideal/romantic guy is nothing but an illusion and is well represented by a ghost.


#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

ok, u liked the flick too? yaaay. me too. thot srk was amazin as the real guy. the ghost was a lot like other srk characters. it was an amazingly made flick. and the sfx were very seamlessly fitted to the flick. and lets nt 4get it was a folktale adaptation. cum on, this makes more sense than soe bolly fliks....say wat?

vicky said...

havent watched paheli. i do love amol palekar. reminds me of Golmaal. that was one gr8 movie.
just that somehow i dont really enjoy SRk these days.
but ur review is good.

Sagnik Nandy said...

wah wa - tht review sounded like a professional ritic doing the weekly roundup on aajtak - one more talent, eh?

Rohan Kumar said...

Hi first time here....nice blog, liked ur take on Paheli. Not a big SRK fan myself but i kinda appreciated the fact that he promoted a small movie like Paheli by adding his name to the movie else it would have ended as one of those sweet movies which ppl would have discovered2-3 years down the line of the DVD circuit.

Swathi said...

yup it did make more sense than those stupid ones like "Kuch Kuch.." n "Veer Zaara"

like i said i cud endure SRK only 'coz of Mr.Palekar

"aap kyun mujhe sharminda kar rahe hai" :D

welcome to de Princess' realm.but even SRK's name din do it any gud- itz off the theatres already

RT said...

ooh... I love Amol Palekar.. Golmaal is my biggest all time favorite movie of all times. I can never tire of watching it 46,735th time..:-)
But yes, though I thought the movie was weird at start, I'll have to agree with you on the portrayal of the perfect man being an illusion part..:)
And Sunil Shetty.. uggh..! They say every beautiful thing has to have a flaw to ward off the evil eye. I guess thats his significance in the movie..:)

Vignesh said...

(Disclaimer - for all those who thought Paheli was a chick-flick or worse it's just 'nother of those stupid fantasy movies -puleeeze get back to your work/studies/college/browsing or to whatever u were doing before.)

Alright, Im gone.

Nice post though ;) I think...

Swathi said...

i think i like Palekar in Gharonda more than Golmaal.
Sunil ward off the evil spirits -lol!

so u had gone n come back to read the post?? thx dude...

fiona said...

"Seems the good ghosts have entered Bollywood finally or shall I say the ideal/romantic guy is nothing but an illusion and is well represented by a ghost "

i think its the latter :-)..nice review..i must see it!

Primalsoup said...

Rani's non-existant beauty? Arrr rrr ra, the Queen Bee of Bollywood being dismissed?! :O

Isn't it been proven beyond doubt now and with alarming frequency too that all the good men are: fictional, mythical and ghostly! :)

Swathi said...

sorry that i cudnt watch it with u, perhaps u wud catch it at amchi Mumbai ?

yup i think Rani is an extremely lucky Plain Jane.
proved with an alarming frequency??? hope the guys r listening n disprove it soon..

Prabha said...

havent watched the movie yet!but didnt read many nice reviews..and the story line seemed too fairy talish :)

~RAUL~ said...

Hey PC,
saw this movie. And u won't believe where and with whom. Entire 'Your Old Company'. The movie club had booked the entire show at Prasadz. Imagine getting up at 9.00 AM on a sunday. The only relief was 'free popcorns and coke'. And believe me Rajasthan looks better than what they showed.
Talking of AP, saw Chhoti Si Baat on TeeVee this weekend. Its THE BEST.

Swathi said...

since life is not a fairy tale itz nice to watch one on screen ,in the words of JM Barrie "Itz all in believing..."

yaa i can imagine "tum log popcorn khane kahi bhi chale jaate ho" (lol!) - i know how we(oops U) Oraclites njoy free stuff :))

~RAUL~ said...

FYI 1) The correct spelling is 'Suniel Shetty'. :D
FYI 2) Popcorn+Coke money was included in the ticket. :)
FYI 3) The popcorn was really cool. Cheese flavour. Yums. So was coke.
FYI 4) I cannot watch any movie without it.(incentive i mean)

Fatally Flawed said...

u seem to be a gr8 moooovie buff...are all hyderabadis so I wonder! ;))

vicky said...

seems like u follow a strict rule of one post a week. so we shold expect a new one tom. :)

√úbermaniam said...

the show is on! tnks.

Swathi said...

Thanx for all that info , will try to stack it away in my memory for future use.

@fatally flawed
actually 'am not a movie buff -atleast not the current ones but definetly old hindi movies.

now i think i need ppl like u to really make me blog :))

thx for dropping but i see tat ur usual line is missing ,gud :))